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Captain Singleton - The Life Adventures and Piracies of Captain Singleton

Daniel Defoe

The Students Sold Us Secrets

Lee J. Mavin

Smoke and Mirrors

Neil Gaiman

The Yellow Wallpaper

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The Descent of Man and Other Stories

Edith Wharton

Montana Noir

James Grady, Keir Graff

Counterfeiter and Other Stories

Yasushi Inoue

A Modest Proposal and Other Satires

Jonathan Swift

Just So Stories (Illustrated by the Author)

Rudyard Kipling

Something in My Eye - Stories

Michael Jeffrey Lee

The Bishop and Other Stories

Anton Tchekhov

The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle

A Wonder-Book for Boys and Girls

Nathaniel Hawthorne

War and Peace (Complete Version Best Navigation Active TOC)

Leo Tolstoy

A Book of Revelations

A. C. Burch

To the End of the War - Unpublished Fiction

James Jones

Winter Requiem

Michael Marano

Travis - A Western Duo

T. T. Flynn

You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down - Stories

Alice Walker

Winter of Different Directions

Steven J. McDermott

The Man of Last Resort - or The Clients of Randolph Mason

Melville Davisson Post

The Stories of Erskine Caldwell

Erskine Caldwell

The Secret Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes

June Thomson

Room for One More

Kathryn Crowley

The Noll Dynasty

Dennis Cooper

Girl World - stories by alex poppe

Alex Poppe

Ward No 6 and Other Stories

Anton Chekhov


Dinah Cox

Guy de Maupassant's Tales of Friendship - A Collection of Short Stories

Guy de Mauspassant

Mesmeric Revelation

Edgar Allan Poe