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The Bad Sixties - Hollywood Memories of the Counterculture Antiwar and Black Power Movements

Kristen Hoerl

Before My Wedding - A Play

Okoro Anthony Peter Nnabuike

Using Speech Recognition Software & Equipment to Write Books: Type Faster by Dictating for Windows and MAC

Cindy Smith

Write an eBook in 30 Days or Less - Step by Step Tips to Focus Motivate and be Creative

Marty Stentson

Why Will No-One Publish My Novel? - A Handbook for the Rejected Writer

Fay Weldon

Writers and Their Notebooks

Diana M. Raab

Design Guide to Learn Calligraphy - Fonts Styles Pens Letters & Numbers

Agatha Adams

Writing Creative Writing - Essays from the Field

Priscila Uppal, Rishma Dunlop, Daniel Scott Tysdal

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare

How to Swear - An Illustrated Guide

Stephen Wildish

How to Speak and Write Correctly

Joseph Devlin

The Elements of Eloquence - How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase

Mark Forsyth

Who Said That? - The Stories Behind Familiar Expressions

J. Ajlouny

Figuratively Speaking: Thesaurus of Expressions &Phrases - Thesaurus of Expressions & Phrases

J. Ajlouny

Become A Communication Master! - Or How To Talk To Anyone With Confidence And Ease

Yourself Believe In

Cwtch Me If You Can

Beth Reekles

The Elements of Style (Classic Edition) - With Editor's Notes and Study Guide

William Strunk

Wheelock's Latin 7th Edition

Richard A. LaFleur, Frederic M. Wheelock

The Mother Tongue - English and How it Got that Way

Bill Bryson

Learn English

Matt Purland

English Vocabulary Exercises

My Ebook Publishing House

Fluent in 3 Months - How Anyone at Any Age Can Learn to Speak Any Language from Anywhere in the World

Benny Lewis

Simplifying Complexity - Rhetoric and the Social Politics of Dealing with Ignorance

George E. Yoos


Taras Shevchenko

Let's Bring Back: The Lost Language Edition - A Collection of Forgotten-Yet-Delightful Words Phrases Praises Insults Idioms and Literary Flourishes from Eras Past

Lesley M. M. Blume

Yiddish Wisdom - Humor and Heart from the Old Country

Christopher Silas Neal

The Etymologicon - A Circular Stroll through the Hidden Connections of the English Language

Mark Forsyth

Religion and Public Memory - A Cultural History of Saint Namdev in India

Christian Lee Novetzke

The Little Plays - “These trenches are like Pompeii sir”

Ford Madox Ford

Translating Boundaries - Constraints Limits Opportunities

Dora Renna, Stefanie Barschdorf