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Dying to Win - How to Inspire and Ignite Your Child's Love of Learning in an Overstressed World

Teri Capshaw

The Handbook for Embedded Formative Assessment - (A Practical Guide to Formative Assessment in the Classroom)

Tree Solution

Let's Get Your Book Published - A practical approach to self-publishing aligning with your purpose releasing fear maximizing time & making a profit

Nicole Gabriel

Women and the War on Boko Haram - Wives Weapons Witnesses

Hilary Matfess

Heirs and their Shares - Essentials of Inheritance for Singles the Married and the Widowed

Maria Victoria Rotor-Hilado

The Bluejacket's Manual

Thomas J. Cutler

The Best of The Unforgettable Legal Stories

Aida Sevilla Mendoza

TAOISM FOR THE MAINSTREAM - Practical philosophy and method to use in daily life (previously published as 'Dear Barefoot')

Barefoot Doctor

Sex Rules! - Astonishing Sexual Practices and Gender Roles Around the World

Janice Z. Brodman

Craft Coffee: A Manual - Brewing a Better Cup at Home

Jessica Easto

Hidden Treasure - How to Break Free of Five Patterns that Hide Your True Self

Alice McDowell

Leadership in Theological Education Volume 2 - Foundations for Curriculum Design

Fritz Deininger, Orbelina Eguizabal

The Doha Experiment - Arab Kingdom Catholic College Jewish Teacher

Gary Wasserman

Economics for the Common Good

Jean Tirole

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci

Green: A Pocket Guide to Pot

Dan Michaels

From Conflict to Inclusion in Housing - Interaction of Communities Residents and Activists

Graham Cairns, Kirsten Day, Georgios Artopoulos

Searching for Subversives - The Story of Italian Internment in Wartime America

Mary Elizabeth Basile Chopas

Developing the Higher Education Curriculum - Research-Based Education in Practice

Professor Dilly Fung, Brent Carnell

Secrets of Building Successful Business Plan for Farm and Rural Business

Andrei Besedin

The Quick Wise Guide to Writing Grant Proposals - How to Write a Persuasive Proposal

Waddy Thompson

Finders Keepers - Study Work Guide

Rosamund Haden, Charlene van Rooyen

Kiasunomics© - Stories of Singaporean Economic Behaviours

Sumit Agarwal, Swee Hoon Ang;Tien Foo Sing

Teacher Talk and Student Talk - Classroom Observation Studies

Maria Lourdes S. Bautista

The 1987 Constitution

Antonio G. M. La Viña, Joy G. Aceron

EIGA - Cinema in the Philippines During World War II

Nick Deocampo

Ang Iyong Emergency Survival Manwal - Handa Ka Na Ba?

Paloma P

4 Magic Steps to Double Profit - How to maximise profit in new and established business

Jeremy Rudd

PIArb - Commercial Arbitration Handbook

Philippine Institute of Arbitrators PIArb

Answers to Questions You’ve Never Asked - Explaining the What If in Science Geography and the Absurd

Joseph Pisenti