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The Neoliberal Republic - Corporate Lawyers Statecraft and the Making of Public-Private France

Antoine Vauchez, Pierre France

Straight Out of Brooklyn - A Critical Memoir

R. J. Cardullo

The Scholar as Human - Research and Teaching for Public Impact

Debra A. Castillo, Anna Sims Bartel

For the World's Best Mum - The Perfect Gift to Give to Your Mum

Summersdale Publishers

Mum Pwr - Kick-Ass Quotes for Mighty Mums

Summersdale Publishers

Ideology and International Institutions

Erik Voeten

The Cunning of Freedom - Saving the Self in an Age of False Idols

Ryszard Legutko

China and the WTO - Why Multilateralism Still Matters

Petros C. Mavroidis, Andre Sapir

The President Who Would Not Be King - Executive Power under the Constitution

Michael W. McConnell

The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Joseph Campbell

Premature Ejaculation FINAL Goodbye - Men’s Permanent Guide to Naturally Cure PE and Last Longer in Bed Without Sex Pills Tablets Viagrá Drugs Delay Spray or Desensitizer Every Single Time

J. Covey

Dr Sebi Cure - The Complete Guide on how to Naturally Lower High Blood Pressure Detox the Liver and Cure Diabetes Using Dr Sebi Alkaline Diet Approach

Erma Crus

Our Great Purpose - Adam Smith on Living a Better Life

Ryan Patrick Hanley

Easy Spanish Stories For Beginners - 5 Spanish Short Stories For Beginners (With Audio)


Coherence - The integration of energy boosting your longevity Its impact in the optimization of cellular welness

Carlos Orozco

Motivational Quotes for Success - Wise Words to Inspire and Uplift You Every Day

Summersdale Publishers

Gut Well Soon - A Practical Guide to a Healthier Body and a Happier Mind

Catherine Rogers

Better Hearing - How to Improve Hearing without a Hearing Aid and Treat Tinnitus Naturally

Instafo, Adam Mills

Change Your Genes Change Your Life - Creating Optimal Health with the New Science of Epigenetics

Kenneth R. Pelletier

Hydrogen Peroxide Elixir - Top Extraordinary Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide for Beauty Health Wellness Glowing Hair and Total Body Healing

Dr Frank Jerry

Poor Posture Antidote - Step by Step Guide on How to Fix Bad Posture and Relieve back Pain Fast and Effectively (including Poor Posture Mistakes and How to Fix them)

Tim Noah

Gut Health & Probiotics - The Science Behind the Hype

Jenny Tschiesche

MODERN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUES Advanced Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis - Learn how to hypnotize yourself and others A step-by-step guide to hypnosis with more than 60 practical exercises

Tony Gaschler

Secret to A Younger YOU - The 3 Month Program: A Natural Facelift Without Botox

Dr. Bridghid McMonagle, Dr. Kaley Bourgeois

From Zero to Zen - Secret Keys to Nurturing Your Numbers and Finding Financial Flow

Liz Lajoie

The Coroner Series - America's Most Controversial Medical Examiner Tells All

Thomas T. Noguchi, Joseph DiMona

Authentic Self-Love - A Path to Healing the Self and Relationships

Sepideh Irvani

Anatomy flashcards: Cerebrum - Learn all organs and terminology on the go


World History - A Concise Selective Interpretive History of the World

Ali Parsa

Act in a Split Second - First Aid Manual of the US Army - Learn the Crucial First Aid Procedures With Clear Explanations & Instructive Images: How to Stop the Bleeding & Protect the Wound Perform Mouth-to-Mouth Immobilize Fractures Treat Bites and Stings…

U.S. Department of Defense