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Conservative Heroes - Fourteen Leaders Who Shaped America from Jefferson to Reagan

Garland S Tucker

Born Again

Charles Colson

A Language Older Than Words

Derrick Jensen

Good King Richard?

Jeremy Potter


Lindsay Powell


Howard Fast

The Sleepworker

Cyrille Martinez

Strange Affairs at Christchurch - Sir Peter Mews - Knave or Knight?

Dorothy Turcotte

Quotable Quotes Of Mwalimu Julius K Nyerere - Collected from Speeches and Writings

C. Liundi

Toughing It Out: From Silver Slippers to Combat Boots

Claire Reed

Victoria of England

Edith Sitwell

Delivered onto Lions

David Austin

The Smartest Woman I Know

Ilene Beckerman

Alligators Old Mink & New Money - One Woman's Adventures in Vintage Clothing

Alison Houtte, Melissa Houtte

I Was Hitler's Chauffeur

Erich Kempka

Morgan: Three Plays

Charles Morgan

Loss of Eden - A Biography of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Joyce Milton

Beautiful Joe

Marshall Saunders

Chris Ware - Conversations

Jean Braithwaite

Mountains and Molehills - Or Recollections from a Burnt Journal

Frank Marryat

Dear Cary - My Life with Cary Grant

Dyan Cannon

Tony Gregory

Robbie Gilligan

Rock On - An Office Power Ballad

Dan Kennedy

North Star - A Memoir

Peter Camejo

The Eighth Promise - An American Son's Tribute to His Toisanese Mother

William Lee

By Myself and Then Some

Lauren Bacall

It's Only Temporary - The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive

Evan Handler

Things Come On - An amneoir

Joseph Harrington

Nelson Mandela: The Black Pimpernel

Elleke Boehmer

1969 and Then Some - A Memoir of Romance Motorcycles and Lingering Flashbacks of a Golden Age

Robert Wintner