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Angelica J.


Sean Michaels

Claimed by the Minotaur Warlord (First Time Interspecies)

Danica Slate

A Sexual Spark

Skylar Sinclair

Final Anatomy - Doctor's Demands Trilogy #3

Rachel Chase

Leaving Home

T.A. Chase

Horny Holidays (The Valentine's Day Edition) - Horny Holidays #3

Kiki Wellington

CLIT 12: Unlikely Prospect - CLIT #2

terri cara

Pants on Fire - A collection of five erotic stories

Sommer Marsden, Lynn Lake, Carmel Lockyer, Jim Baker, Cathy King

The Wolves of Paris: Part One (Gay Werewolf Romance) - The Wolves of Paris #1

Lance Roddick

Alpha Instinct a Paranormal Shifter Story

Eva Mara, Amy Silva, Sabrina Reed


M.S. L.R.

A Well-Rounded Education I - Lesbian Tales #1

Selbryth Lannigan

Blue Magic

Ann Cory

Submissive Hunting - Zima And Hunter #1

S. L. Finlay

How to Tame Your Dragoness Anthology - How to Tame Your Dragoness #4

Moxie Morrigan

Regency Widows: A Bundle Edition of Regency Erotica

Valentine Tyron

Doing The Doctor (3 Story Erotica Bundle)

Serena St Claire

The Gold Belt - The Roman Baths #1

Celie Bray

Pleasure and Chains

Marlo Peterson

Gay: Middleman

Kathleen Hope

His Workplace Mistress - Cheating Husbands #1

Serena Biggs

Cruise Away With Him: 2 & 3 (Bundle) - Cruise Away With Him #5

Carole Lewis

Banged by the Bikers - Part 3 - Banged by the Bikers #3

Lolita Minx

Paris Connection

J.P. Bowie

Dirty Little Deal - Darker Wings #1

Theda Hudson

One Woman 50 Billionaires

Arwen Rich

How A Cowboy Saved This Bad Girl 2 - How A Cowboy Saved This Bad Girl #2

Marlo Peterson

Damien and the Casual Thing - A Sexy Gay Jock M M Romance Novelette from Steam Books

Steam Books, Corey Stark

Her Sweet Valentine

Elise Everhart