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The Lost Soldier

Diney Costeloe

Above and Below the Clouds

Tracy Batty

Venetian Masque

Raphael Sabatini

The Lion Triumphant

Philippa Carr

Trail South from Powder Valley

Brett Halliday

Point the Finger of Blame

Derek Smith

The Three Musketeers

Alexandre Dumas

Mystery Herd

Paul Lederer

Coconut Chaos - Pitcairn Mutiny and a Seduction at Sea

Diana Souhami

One Woman's Journey

Ramah Juta

The Bostonians Vol II (1886)

Henry James

Lincoln's Assassin - The Unsolicited Confessions of John Wilkes Booth

J F Pennington

Maria Chapdelaine - A Tale of French Canada

Louis Hemon

The Snake Catcher's Daughter

Michael Pearce

Travis - A Western Duo

T. T. Flynn

Murder Is Easy

Agatha Christie

The Last Roman: Honour

Jack Ludlow

Sorrow Without End

Priscilla Royal

Smoke from Distant Fires

Doris Rapp

A Summer in the Twenties

Peter Dickinson

Sanditon The Watsons - Unfinished fiction

Jane Austen

The Great St Mary's Day Out

Jodi Taylor

The Danish Soldier - With linked Table of Contents

Brian Walters

The Americans

John Jakes

Beneath a Hunter's Moon - A Western Story

Michael Zimmer

Billy Old Arizona Ranger - A Historical Novel Based on a True Story

Geff Moyer

The Book of Kells

R. A. MacAvoy

Sharpe's Fury

Bernard Cornwell

Sophie and the Sibyl - A Victorian Romance

Patricia Duncker

Show Me a Hero

Jeremy Scott