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FAME: Adele

Troy Michael

Tom Brown's School Days (with panel zoom) - Classics Illustrated

Thomas Hughes, Jr. William B. Jones

The Elves and the Shoemaker (with panel zoom) - Classics Illustrated Junior

Brothers Grimm, Jr. William B. Jones

Memetic #2

James IV Tynion

Black Market #3

Frank J. Barbiere

Future Proof #12

Alex Murillo, Brian Phillipson

Jannah Station - A Soft Murder

Joseph B. Cadotte

Red Diaries #4

Gary Reed

Dead Letters Vol 2

Christopher Sebela

Bravest Warriors #24

Kate Leth

Invincible Vol 19

Robert Kirkman

Big Trouble in Little China #3

Eric Powell

Sorcerers and Secretaries #2

Amy Kim Ganter

Jim Henson's Labyrinth Artist Tribute


Give My Regards to Black Jack - Ep38 Spending a Precious Day (English version)

Shuho Sato

Hello Do You Work Here?

Peter Simeti, Various Various

Sombra #2

Justin Jordan

Alien Superman!

Yale Stewart

Deadworld: Requiem for the World Vol1 #1

Gary Reed

Battron: The Trojan Woman Vol1 #2

Wayne Vansant

William F Nolan's Logan's Run: Rebirth

William F. Nolan

Give My Regards to Black Jack - Ep04 Summer Clouds (English version)

Shuho Sato

Adventure Time #58

Christopher Hastings

Galaxys For Hire Convention Preview

Shawn DePasquale

Roger Corman's Battle Amongst the Stars

Martina Fischer

Sombra #4

Justin Jordan

Earthlight #3

Stuart Moore

Mbq #3

Felipe Smith

Fracture: Volume Two #4

Shawn Gabborin

Wonder Woman: An Origin Story

John Sazaklis