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Bible Babel - Making Sense of the Most Talked About Book of All Time

Kristin Swenson

Surprised by Scripture - Engaging Contemporary Issues

N. T. Wright

The Space Trilogy Omnibus Edition - Three Science Fiction Classics in One Volume: Out of the Silent Planet Perelandra That Hideous Strength

C. S. Lewis


Deepak Chopra


Hermann Hesse

Essential Sufism

Robert Frager, James Fadiman

John the Pupil

David Flusfeder

The Things I Know Best

Lynne Hinton

The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show - A Novel

Ariel Gore

The Moral Basis of Democracy

Eleanor Roosevelt

Blue Flame

K. M. Grant

The Lunar Tao - Meditations in Harmony with the Seasons

Ming-Dao Deng

The Monk Downstairs - A Novel

Tim Farrington

The Song of the Seed - The Monastic Way of Tending the Soul

Macrina Wiederkehr

The Practice of Saying No - A HarperOne Select

Barbara Brown Taylor

Education and the Significance of Life

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Muhammad - A Story of the Last Prophet

Deepak Chopra

The Promise of Palm Grove - Amish Brides of Pinecraft Book One

Shelley Shepard Gray

Image and Imagination

C. S. Lewis

Hopeful - Return to Sugarcreek Book One

Shelley Shepard Gray

A Glimpse of Jesus

Brennan Manning

Search Inside Yourself - The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success Happiness (and World Peace)

Daniel Goleman, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Chade-Meng Tan

The Power of Karma - How to Understand Your Past and Shape Your Future

Mary T. Browne

Jesus - A Pilgrimage

James Martin

The Ball and the Cross

G.K Chesterton

The Tail Wags the Dog - International Politics and the Middle East

Efraim Karsh

Father Under Fire

Neil Boyd

In God's Hands - The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 2015

Desmond Tutu

The Atheist's Guide to Christmas

Robin Harvie, Stephanie Meyers

Unprotected Texts - The Bible's Surprising Contradictions About Sex and Desire

Jennifer Wright Knust