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Policy Drift - Shared Powers and the Making of US Law and Policy

Norma M. Riccucci

Renegade - The Life and Times of Darcus Howe

Robin Bunce, Paul Field

The Extreme Gone Mainstream - Commercialization and Far Right Youth Culture in Germany

Cynthia Miller-Idriss

The Killing Season - A History of the Indonesian Massacres 1965-66

Geoffrey B. Robinson

How to Fix the Future

Andrew Keen

The 9 11 Commission Report - Full and Complete Account of the Circumstances Surrounding the September 11 2001 Terrorist Attacks

Kelly Moore, Thomas R. Eldridge, Susan Ginsburg, Walter T. Hempel II, Janice L. Kephart, Joanne M. Accolla, States The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United

The Founders’ Revolution - The Forgotten History and Principles of the Declaration of Independence

Michael S. Law

The Spy Who Changed the World - Klaus Fuchs Physicist and Soviet Double Agent

Mike Rossiter

John Stuart Mill: Life Life Lessons & Achievements - Childhood and Early Education Moral Influences in Early Youth Youthful Propagandism Completion of the "System of Logic" Publication of the "Principles of Political Economy" Parliamentary Life

John Stuart Mill

Crossing the Line - Australia’s Secret History in the Timor Sea

Kim McGrath

Beating the Odds - Jump-Starting Developing Countries

Justin Yifu Lin, Célestin Monga

The Leadership Genius of Julius Caesar - Modern Lessons from the Man Who Built an Empire

Phillip Barlag

Things that Can and Cannot Be Said - Essays and Conversations

Arundhati Roy, John Cusack

On Anarchism

Noam Chomsky

Uncle Sam Can't Count - A History of Failed Government Investments from Beaver Pelts to Green Energy

Burton W. Folsom Jr., Anita Folsom

American Ally - Tony Blair and the War on Terror

Con Coughlin

The Butterfly Defect - How Globalization Creates Systemic Risks and What to Do about It

Ian Goldin, Mike Mariathasan

The Past That Would Not Die

Walter Lord

Technological Slavery - The Collected Writings of Theodore J Kaczynski aka "The Unabomber"

Theodore J. Kaczynski

God's Harvard - A Christian College on a Mission to Save America

Hanna Rosin

Must We Defend Nazis? - Why the First Amendment Should Not Protect Hate Speech and White Supremacy

Richard Delgado, Jean Stefancic

Brexit and Beyond - Rethinking the Futures of Europe

Benjamin Martill, Uta Staiger

Laughing at Political Correctness - How many lightbulbs does it take to change a liberal?

David Cook

This Time - Australia's Republican Past and Future

Benjamin T. Jones

Challenged Hegemony - The United States China and Russia in the Persian Gulf

Steve A. Yetiv, Katerina Oskarsson

Feminists Rethink the Neoliberal State - Inequality Exclusion and Change

Leela Fernandes

Who Becomes a Terrorist and Why? - The Psychology and Sociology of Terrorism

Rex A. Hudson

Hacking Trump - or How POTUS Sucker Punched America Torpedoed Democracy & Left Us a Choice: Impeachment or Autocracy (A Writer Remembers)

Ranbir Sidhu

Battle Royal - Monarchists vs Republicans and the Crown of Canada

David W Johnson

Audacity - How Barack Obama Defied His Critics and Created a Legacy That Will Prevail

Jonathan Chait