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100 Facts Horses and Ponies

Miles Kelly

Tiny Thoughts on Finding Solutions

Agnes De Bezenac, Salem De Bezenac

The Fairy Bell Sisters #4: Clara and the Magical Charms

Margaret McNamara

Toots and Poots in a World Full of Snoots: The Amazing True Story of One Boys Gas-tly Abilities: Diary of a Kindergarten Grade Farting Ninja

Susan G. Charles

101 Dialogues Sketches and Skits - Instant Theatre for Teens and Tweens

Paul Rooyackers

Ponies at Owls' Wood

Scilla James

An After Bedtime Story

Shoham Smith

The Friendship Matchmaker

Randa Abdel-Fattah

Down the Yukon

Will Hobbs

Fish 2

Publishing Xist

Thieves Like Us - Rejacketed

Stephen Cole

The Muffin Dragon

Stephen Cosgrove

The Seventh Birthday Wish

Bruce Arrington

God Talks with Me - for Girls - Devotionals for Children

Agnes De Bezenac, Salem De Bezenac


Ezra Fields-Meyer

Super Schnoz and the Booger Blaster Breakdown

Gary Urey

Zoe Sophia's Scrapbook - An Adventure in Venice

Claudia Mauner, Elisa Smalley

Pilots in Peril! - The Untold Story of US Pilots Who Braved "the Hump" in World War II

Steven Otfinoski

My Nana and Me

Irene Smalls

Dark Knight: Batman Crashes the Black Masquerade

Sean Tulien

Stormy Hill's Legacy


I Wish I Could Live in the Sea - I wish I could #2

D.L. Madson

The Sword in the Tree

Clyde Robert Bulla

One Direction: Dare to Dream - Life as One Direction

Direction One


Aimee Liu

Devil's Rock

Chris Speyer

Female Force: Elizabeth Warren #1

Michael Frizell

Ice Age Giants of the South

Judy Cutchins, Ginny Johnston

Kids' Halloween Party

Ken Carder

The Great Zombie Invasion - The Birth of Herobrine Book One: A Gameknight999 Adventure: An Unofficial Minecrafter’s Adventure

Mark Cheverton