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Rick Barot

The Remnants

Robert Hill

Dressed for Death - A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery

Donna Leon


Victoria Zagar

Vow of Celibacy - A Novel

Erin Judge

The Assistance of Vice

Roberta Degnore

Justice Prevails

Morticia Knight

L as in Love (Book One)

Ruth Gogoll

Murder in the Collective

Barbara Wilson

Chamber Music - A Novel

Doris Grumbach

Missed Her

Ivan Coyote

Out of CTRL

Sa Welsh

Black Virus - Outbreak

Shanta Pablo

Clifford's Blues - A Novel

John A. Williams

Clear Blue Sky

Jenna Byrnes

Vultures at Twilight

Charles Atkins

The Death of a Much-Travelled Woman - And Other Adventures with Cassandra Reilly

Barbara Wilson

The Girls Club

Sally Bellerose

A Greater Music

Suah Bae

In Memory of Angel Clare - A Novel

Christopher Bram

Tears of a Vampire

Dewey Stuve

Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab

Shani Mootoo

The Complete Lockpick Pornography

Joey Comeau

Snap Decision

T.A. Chase

A Country of Old Men

Joseph Hansen

The Education of Harriet Hatfield - A Novel

May Sarton

Cottonmouths - A Novel

Kelly J. Ford

The Lesbian Pulp MEGAPACK ™: Three Complete Novels

Fletcher Flora

You Only Live Twice - Sex Death and Transition

Chase Joynt, Mike Hoolboom

The Mourning After

Julie De Bondt Barker