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Jambrea Jo Jones

Giraffe People

Jill Malone


T.A. Chase

Herself When She's Missing - A Novel

Sarah Terez Rosenblum

A Great Length of Time

Joyce Cherry Cresswell

Damn Love

Jasmine Beach-Ferrara


T.A. Chase

Home of His Own

T.A. Chase

Blinded: Part One

Sarah Masters


Nick Comilla

Cold Truth

T.A. Chase

The Angel and the Perverts

Lucie Delarue-Mardrus

The Backstagers #2

James Tynion IV

An Immoveable Solitude

S.A. McAuley

Deadline - A Sam Perry Mystery

K.A. Tracy

O Solo Homo - The New Queer Performance

David Roman, Holly Hughes

Sam Smith - The Biography

Joe Allan

Freedom Angel

John Burdett

Taming the Lion

Elizabeth Coldwell

Wishbone - A Memoir in Fractures

Julie Marie Wade

The Long Shot - A Novel

Paul Monette

Hiding in Plain Sight

Ethan Stone

Encore - A Journal of the Eightieth Year

May Sarton

Have You Heard

Anderson Ferrell

Game Ball

Landon Dixon


Nicole Brossard

Zheng’s Heart

Amber Kell

Eric's Body

Jason Fury

A Book of Revelations

A. C. Burch

Hay and Heartbreak

Bailey Bradford