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The Sweetest Revenge: CREAM Reloaded

Kai Roberts


Parker Avrile

The Crossroads

Dawn Carter

Wildflower - St John's Series #7

Prudence Macleod

"Usotsuki" (Lesbian Romance) - Ren'Ai Rensai Gaiden #1

Hildred Billings

Friends and Lovers

Sloan Parker

Straight to the Cock 2 - Straight to the Cock #2

Gabriella Grey


Michel Russell

Vassily the Beautiful - ESTO Universe

Angel Martinez

Bachelor Auction Boss

Alex Ankarr

Risk (Dark Light Volume 2) - Dark Light #2

Dusk Peterson

Capture & Surrender - Market Garden #5

L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov

Love Song For Baby X - How I Stayed (Almost) Sane on the Rocky Road to Parenthood

Cheryl Dumesnil



Trick of the Light - Anti-Heroes #1

Megan Derr

The Tiger and The Snake

Maria Ayala


Prudence Macleod

The Fainting Room

Sarah Pemberton Strong

Middle Game

Sean Michaels

Helping The Prince - The Bonds That Bang #3

Heather Rachael Steel

Egyptian Moon

Diane Taylor

Blood Doctrine

Maquel A. Jacob

What Boys Are Made Of - Saint Flaherty #1

S. Hunter Nisbet

The Mechanic (Lesbian Erotica) - Sapphic Service #1

Taryn Taylor

Settling the Score

Eden Winters

The Anniversary Present

Izzy Szyn

Billie Girl

Vickie Weaver

Begin With a Long Stretch (Gentleman Caller) - Gentleman Caller #1

Eugéne Thicke

Better the Devil You Know

Bey Deckard

The General's Wife: An American Revolutionary Tale

Regina Kammer