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Winston's Book of Souls - cover

Winston's Book of Souls

Terresa Cooper Haskew

Publisher: TouchPoint Press

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It’s 1961 when small-town life insurance agent Winston Taylor finds a man dead on the floor of a North Florida forest. Once he learns the identity of the deceased, Winston quickly realizes the corpse has the ability to incriminate him in his own unethical business practices. Protecting his family and career, Winston dumps the body into a wet sinkhole, vowing to clean up his transgressions and never tell a soul. Two years later, despite the current racial divide, he hires a new agent—a charismatic young Black man with a mysterious past. Unbeknownst to Winston, his recent recruit may hold the power to blow the sinkhole secret straight out of the water.
“An intriguing combination of Southern suspense, police procedural, social history/social critique, and spiritual odyssey . . . I couldn't put it down.”—Claire Bateman, author of Wonders of the Invisible World
“Haskew’s debut novel offers a rich exploration of time and place . . . you’ll find yourself compelled to keep turning the pages . . .”—Heather Marshall, author of When the Ocean Flies
“. . . a page-turning, twist-filled journey . . . this novel brims with mystery, intrigue, and drama, driven by long-guarded secrets that refuse to stay asleep.”—Jo Watson Hackl, author of Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe
“Haskew’s Southern-suspense voice is pitch perfect in this, her debut novel, where what must be made whole is more than one man’s stuttering career. Justice, family, and freedom hang in the balance at every turn.”—Arthur McMaster, author of In the Orchards of Our Mothers
Available since: 02/27/2024.
Print length: 349 pages.

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    “. . . [a] smartly-paced debut novel . . .”—Gerald Elias, author of the Daniel Jacobus mystery series
    “. . . one of my favorite mystery reads this year . . . With a talent reminiscent of Louise Penny, Kaufman creates a small town ambience of alliances and hidden resentments among characters whose humanity draws you in while raising your suspicions. The First Murder is an engaging and intriguing journey to an exciting conclusion.”—Sharon Healy-Yang, author of the Jessica Minton Mystery Series
    “. . . [a] deftly constructed debut novel [that] kept me guessing until the very end.”—Leslie Wheeler, award-winning author of the Berkshire Hilltown Mysteries
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    To catch a killer, send a monster.
    There's a realm. Wreathed in ice and snow, drowning in the dark, Assevan needs a different kind of hero.
    There's a god. Merciless and cold, and quick to anger, the Lord of the Dead insists upon one thing only: vengeance for a murdered soul.
    And there's a man. A ruthless killer, Konrad is detective, judge and executioner in one. Dauntless, relentless, monstrous, he stands alone against the dark.
    Meet the Malykant. Justice will be served. 
    For the first time, all twelve Konrad Savast murder mysteries are collected in one volume! This gigantic compendium includes:
    DEATH'S DETECTIVE: The Rostikov Legacy, The Ivanov Diamond, Myrrolen’s Ghost Circus and Ghostspeaker
    DEATH'S AVENGER: The Corpse Thieves, The Spirit of Solstice, The House at Divoro and Snowbound 
    DEATH'S EXECUTIONER: The Zolin Conspiracy, The Tarasov Despite, The Malefic Curse and Shandral 
    Dive deep into Konrad's icy world. Binge the whole series in one volume. 
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