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The Ice Cream Sundae Book - A Step-by-Step Guide to Making America's Favorite Dessert

Michael Turback

Hot Diggity Dog - 65 Great Recipes Using Brats Hot Dogs and Sausages

Eliza Cross

Quesadillas new edition

Donna Kelly

Southern Sugar

Belinda Smith-Sullivan

The Spice Cookbook

Avanelle Day, Lillie Stuckey

The Mayonnaise Cookbook - 50 Savory and Sweet Recipes Starring the World's Best Condiment

Erin Isaac

Cooking with Clara - Recipes of a Lifetime

Clara Lizio Melchiorre, Rosie Amadio

The Life of Richard Cadbury - Socialist Philanthropist & Chocolatier

Diane Wordsworth

The Perfect Persimmon - History Recipes and More

Michelle Medlock Adams

Pecans from Soup to Nuts

Marcelle Bienvenu, Keith Courrege

The Great Big Pumpkin Cookbook - A Quick and Easy Guide to Making Pancakes Soups Breads Pastas Cakes Cookies and More

Maggie Michalczyk

The Sqirl Jam (Jelly Fruit Butter and Others) Book

Jessica Koslow

The Banana Cookbook - 50 Simple and Delicious Recipes

Sam Brooks

Flavors under the Big Sky - Recipes and Stories from Yellowstone Public Radio & Beyond

Stella Fong

Southeastern Wildlife Cookbook

Magazine South Carolina Wildlife

Your Indoor Herb Garden - Growing and Harvesting Herbs at Home

DJ Herda

How to Raise Chickens for Meat - The Backyard Guide to Caring for Feeding and Butchering Your Birds

Michelle Marine

The Ethical Meat Handbook

Meredith Leigh

The Home Butcher - Simple Modern Techniques for Processing Beef Lamb Sheep & Goat Pork Poultry & Fowl Rabbit Venison & Other Game

James O. Fraioli

Good Housekeeping: Chicken! - 75+ Easy & Delicious Recipes

Housekeeping Good

Texas Seafood - A Cookbook and Comprehensive Guide

PJ Stoops, Benchalak Srimart Stoops

Growing Winter Food - How to Grow Harvest Store and Use Produce for the Winter Months

Linda Gray

The Complete Guide to Smoking and Salt Curing - How to Preserve Meat Fish and Game

Monte Burch

The Hot Sauce Cookbook - Hot Chili Eggs Buffalo Wings Sriracha Shrimp Harissa Shawarma and More!

Heather Thomas

101 Things To Do With A Jar

Barbara Beery

The Deep End of Flavor - Recipes and Stories from New Orleans' Premier Seafood Chef

Susan Puckett, Tenney Flynn

The Deep End of Flavor

Tenney Flynn

Fix-It and Forget-It Best Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes - Quick and Easy Dinners Casseroles Soups Stews and More!

Hope Comerford

The Offset Smoker Cookbook - Pitmaster Techniques and Mouthwatering Recipes for Authentic Low-and-Slow BBQ

Chris Grove

Amish Canning & Preserving - How to Make Soups Sauces Pickles Relishes and More

Laura Anne Lapp