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Cocina de Andalucia - Spanish recipes from the land of a thousand landscapes

Maria Jose Sevilla

The Beer Lover's Guide to Cider - American Ciders for Craft Beer Fans to Explore

Beth Demmon

Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea - Asian Inspired Southern Style

Natalie Keng

Gnocchi Horror Show Cookbook

Lachlan Hayman

BBQ For All

Marcus Bawdon


Loretta Liu

Fondue & Raclette

Louise Pickford

Comfort: A Winter Cookbook

Small Ryland Peters &

Sheet Pan Dinners

Jenny Tschiesche, Liz Franklin

Two's Company: Simple

Orlando Murrin

The Chicken Shack

Small Ryland Peters &

Red Hot Sauce Book

Dan May

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - The Truth in Your Kitchen

David M Neuman

Hot Diggity Dog - 65 Great Recipes Using Brats Hot Dogs and Sausages

Eliza Cross

The Island Poké Cookbook

James Gould-Porter

Quesadillas new edition

Donna Kelly

Rice & Grains

Kathy Kordalis

Everyone Loves Tacos

Ben Fordham, Felipe Fuentes Cruz

Making Artisan Pizza at Home

Philip Dennhardt

The Mighty Chickpea

Small Ryland Peters &

The Cannabinoid Cookbook - Transform Your Health Using Herbs and Spices from Your Kitchen

Daniel Green, Joseph Feuerstein

Cocoa Bombs

Eric Torres-Garcia

Fridge Raid

Megan Davis

Southern Sugar

Belinda Smith-Sullivan

The Spice Cookbook

Avanelle Day, Lillie Stuckey

The Mayonnaise Cookbook - 50 Savory and Sweet Recipes Starring the World's Best Condiment

Erin Isaac

Cluck Oink Baa Moo

Miranda Ballard

Crazy Sweet Creations

Ann Reardon

Mortar & Pestle

Valerie Aikman-Smith

The Forager's Kitchen Handbook

Fiona Baird