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The Language Instinct - How The Mind Creates Language

Steven Pinker

The Lexicographer's Dilemma - The Evolution of 'Proper' English from Shakespeare to South Park

Jack Lynch

It's the Way You Say It - Becoming Articulate Well-Spoken and Clear

Carol Fleming

The Naming of the Shrew - A Curious History of Latin Names

John Wright

On Gender Labor and Inequality

Ruth Milkman

Voting Deliberatively - FDR and the 1936 Presidential Campaign

Mary E. Stuckey

Oxford Read and Discover: Level 1: At the Beach

Rachel Bladon

Monkeying Around

Craig Wright

Lowdown The: Improve Your Speech - British English level 2

David Gwillim, Deirdra Morris

English Made Easy Volume Two - A New ESL Approach: Learning English Through Pictures

Jonathan Crichton, Pieter Koster

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Reclams Rote Reihe - Fremdsprachentexte

Lewis Carrol

Teaching English: 101 ESL PowerPoint Ideas That Get Students Talking - Teaching ESL #5

Greg Strandberg

Four Epistles and How to Teach the Bible

David Bergsland

Winning Strategies for Test Taking Grades 3-8 - A Practical Guide for Teaching Test Preparation

W.W. Denslow, Kathleen Kryza, Judy Cova Kelly

Oxford Read and Discover: Level 5: Wild Weather

Jacqueline Martin

The International Student's Guide to Studying in the United States

Holly R. Patrick

English Vocabulary Exercises

My Ebook Publishing House


Janet Hardy-Gould

Promoting Social Interaction for Individuals with Communicative Impairments - Making Contact

Suzanne Zeedyk

Oxford Read and Discover: Level 1: Eyes

Rob Sved

Oxford Read and Discover: Level 2: Electricity

Louise Spilsbury


Bill Bowler

Minority Populations in Canadian Second Language Education

Katy Arnett, Dr. Callie Mady

The First Flying Man

Elspeth Rawstron

Battling Pilot the

L. Ron Hubbard

Meet Molly

Richard Northcott

Your Amazing Itty Bitty Message Mastery Book

Sarah Coolige

Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court A

Mark Twain

Rethinking Rhetorical Theory Criticism and Pedagogy - The Living Art of Michael C Leff

David Henry, Antonio de Velasco, John Angus Campbell

祈禱和祝福 - Prayers and Blessings

Freekidstories Publishing