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[Compu-MECH Issue 9 ]

Theodore Riddle

[Compu-MECH Issue #8 (Full Color Edition] - War in The Heavens!

[Theodore Riddle], Richard Vasseur

[Compu-MECH Issue #7 ] - Heaven Above!

[Theodore Riddle]

[Compu-MECH "Reboot"] - Decimation

[Theodore Riddle]

[Compu-MECH "Reboot"] - The Coming of a New Age!

Theodore Riddle

The Wisdom of Wonder Woman

Signe Bergstrom

The Fantastic Adventures of Compu-MECH - The Evil Extractor

Theodore Riddle

[Compu-MECH Issue #6 ] - The Attack of Manamal!

Theodore Riddle

Aychu’s War Against Plastic (Vol2)

Fabelizer Movies One LLP

[Compu-MECH Issue #5 ] - War Against Illegal Firearms!

Theodore Riddle

[Compu-MECH Issue #4 ] - The Deep Dark Waters!

Theodore Riddle

[Compu-MECH Issue #3 ] - Batton's Clones!

Theodore Riddle

[Compu-MECH Issue #2] - The Gun Strikes!

Theodore Riddle

[Compu-MECH Issue #1 ] - The Origin of Compu-MECH!

Theodore Riddle

Hellboy's World - Comics and Monsters on the Margins

Scott Bukatman

Draw Comic Figures - Draw Action Poses with These 200+ Sketches and Examples

Peter Vasher

Dawn of the Patriot:Heart of Ziik 5 - Dawn of the Patriot #5

Okimi Peters

Dawn of the Patriot - Dawn of the Patriot #1

Okimi Peters

Boxsa Rebirth #3 - Boxsa #3

Ayodele Elegba

Electra The Superhero Dog And The Mystery Of The Missing Boy - 1

Rois Ola

Super Soldiers - A Salute to the Comic Book Heroes and Villains Who Fought for Their Country

Jason Inman

The Hybryd

Ozzie Johnson

The Green Dragon League

Daniel Laskowski

Coulrophobia: Empire of the Clown King

Warren Brown

BABE Squad

Gina Ippolito, Haley Mancini

Dawn of Gods

Ivan Martins

The Flight of the Condor - Volume Two

L.E. Mullin

The Flight of the Condor - Volume One #1

L.E. Mullin

Invasion Agents Annual: Resurrection and Faith - Invasion Agents Annual #1

C. Dennis Moore

Invasion Agents #12: Legacy Wars: Part 3 - Invasion Agents #12

C. Dennis Moore