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And I Only

Hattie Annie Jones

A Layman Looks at Philosophy - and a little science

Cyril Tomkins

Annie Violet - Her Story as a Servant Girl in Edwardian Times

Maisie Stone

The Ultimate Guide to Physician Associate OSCEs - Written by a Physician Associate for Physician Associates

Ameena Azad

Time's Up

Nick Connor

Jazz Improvisation Basic Training - For all Treble Clef Readers

John Waugh

Born Busy - Journals & Reflections

Rosemary Mitchell

The Hunting of the Boojum - An Inanity in Eight Deliria

Samuel Sigdon

An Ideal Arrangement short stories

Jenny Betteridge

Isambard Doyle - A Hero's Journey

Martin R Williamson

Walking The Walk

Steve Athawes

Flipping the Script on Infertility - Taking Back Control of Life and Purpose

Kezia Ashley Okafor

The Humour Triangle - The Solution to Using Humour in a Therapeutic Setting

Andrew Lansdown

Managing Product Managing Tension - Ways to Manage the Pressure and Uncertainty of Managing Products

Marc Abraham

University Student Handbook - From China to the UK - An Essential Guide for Students from China Going to UK Universities

Suzanna Tan


David Gibb

Naval Gazing - Six short stories inspired by the adventures and misdeeds of a Royal Naval officer

Michael Denoon

The Brave Shall Inherit the Earth - A personal account of battles against the Japanese and then dacoits in Burma between 1944 & 1947

Lt Col D O O'Leary Obe Mc*

The Reluctant Refugee - Are lingering memories worth retaining?

George M. Decsy

Mena Dhu - A Cornish Comedy

Tony Cottrell

Guilty But Insane - Autobiography Vol 2

Johannes Steck

Oceans Of Regret - Too late remorse Too late reform

William Paley

Love in Store - The Barrow Boy and the Heiress

Bill Carmen

Electrodynamic Waves - Wireless Transmission Through Air Metals Water and the Human Body

Brian Whitaker

The Bahrwold Saga

Ivan Straw

A Practical Guide To Overcoming Anxiety

Charlie Wardle

My Life With Music

Paul Brimble

New College Leicester - The City's Best Kept Secret

Sue Billington

Ovum of Risk - Biological body horror poetry

L.A. Mason

Rosie's Gift

Beverley Joughin-Robson