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Food & drink: Beverages

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A Tea Witch's Grimoire - Magickal Recipes for Your Tea Time

S. M. Harlow

How to Fix the Perfect Cocktail - 50 classic cocktail recipes from the world's leading bartenders

Adam Elan-Elmegirab

Leaf Tea

Timothy D'Offay


Louise Avery

Mocktails Cordials Syrups Infusions and more

Small Ryland Peters &

The Curious Bartender: In Pursuit of Liquid Perfection

Tristan Stephenson

Festive Cocktails & Canapes

Small Ryland Peters &

Rise of the Bartender

Adam Jamie Hussein

The Art & Craft of Coffee Cocktails

Jason Clarke

Summer Fizz

Small Ryland Peters &

Rum Rebels - A Celebration of Women Revolutionizing the Spirits Industry with Cocktail Recipes

Martyna Halas, René van Hoven

The New Craft Beer World

Mark Dredge

Pub Grub

Small Ryland Peters &

The Lucky Drinker Cocktail Book

Ciprian Zsraga

Beer and Veg

Mark Dredge

Summer Drinks

Small Ryland Peters &

Cocktails At Home

Tristan Stephenson

Stranger Gins

CICO Books

Cocktails Mocktails and Garnishes from the Garden - Recipes for Beautiful Beverages with a Botanical Twist

Katie Stryjewski


David Smith

Queer Cocktails

Bone Dog 'n'

Winter Drinks

Small Ryland Peters &

Natural Wine

Isabellle Legeron

Blackthorn's Botanical Brews - Herbal Potions Magical Teas and Spirited Libations

Amy Blackthorn

The United States of Cocktails - Recipes Tales and Traditions from All 50 States (and the District of Columbia)

Brian Bartels

The Shaken and the Stirred - The Year's Work in Cocktail Culture

Stephen Schneider, Craig N. Owens

It's Wine Time

Chris Losh

The Curious Bartender's Guide to Rum

Tristan Stephenson

Whisky in Your Pocket - 10th edition based on The Original Malt Whisky Almanac

Neil Wilson

The Curious Bartender's Guide to Malt Bourbon & Rye Whiskies

Tristan Stephenson