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Literary Meditations for Pandemic Times: Reflections on Plague Classics

Dustin Peone

Shared Voices - A Framework for Patient and Employee Safety in Healthcare

Heidi Raines

The Psychotherapist and the Professional Complaint - The Shadow Side of Therapy

Valerie Sinason, Adah Sachs

Obesity - The other pandemic of the 21st century

Ada Cuevas, Donna Ryan

Mental Health | Atmospheres | Video Games - New Directions in Game Research II

Felix Zimmermann, Jimena Aguilar Rodríguez, Federico Alvarez Igarzábal, Michael S. Debus, Curtis L. Maughan, Su-Jin Song, Miruna Vozaru

Queering Psychotherapy

Jane C. Czyzselska

The Burden of Heritage - Hauntings of Generational Trauma on Black Lives

Aileen Alleyne

The Healthcare Disruptor - How An Underdog Inventor And His Companies Are Changing Medicine And Saving Lives

Randall W. Jones

Hope for Caregivers - A 42-Day Devotional in Company with Henri J M Nouwen

Henri Nouwen

Smelling to Survive - The Amazing World of Our Sense of Smell

Bill S. Hansson

Ossman & Steel's Classic Household Guide to Appalachian Folk Healing - A Collection of Old-Time Remedies Charms and Spells

Jake Richards

Don't Upset ooMalume - A Guide to Stepping Up Your Xhosa Game

Hombakazi Mercy Nqandeka

In Our Own Words - Nurses on the front line

Jonathan Jansen, Hester Klopper, Siedine Coetzee

At the Edge of Mysteries - The Discovery of the Immune System

Shantha Perera

The Decision to Kill - A True Crime Story of a Teenage Killer and the Mother Who Loved Him

Leslie Ghiglieri

Primitive Bodily Communications in Psychotherapy - Embodied Expressions of a Disembodied Psyche

Raffaella Hilty

Contented Couples - Magic Logic or Luck?

Anne Power

MIDLIFE - Humanity's Secret Weapon

Andrew Jamieson

Reigniting the Human Connection - A Pathway to Diversity Equity and Inclusion in Healthcare

Michael P. Wright, Jennifer H. Mieres, Elizabeth C. McCulloch

Psychedelics and mental health - Therapeutic applications and neuroscience of psilocybin LSD DMT and MDMA

Irene de Caso

Your brain on psychedelics - How do psychedelics work?: Pharmacology and neuroscience of psilocybin DMT LSD MDMA mescaline

Genis Ona

Essential guide to the Psychedelic Renaissance - All you need to know about how psilocybin MDMA and LSD are revolutionizing mental health and changing lives

Antón Gómez Escolar

Darkness Was My Candle - An Odyssey of Survival and Grace

Lora DeVore

Fulcrum and Torsion of the Helical Myocardium

Jorge C. Trainini, Mario Beraudo, Alejandro Trainini, Vicente Llabata Mora, Mario Wernicke, Jorge A. Lowenstein, Francesc Carreras-Costa, Jesús Valle Cabezas, Benjamín D. Elencwajg, Diego Lowenstein Haber, María Elena Bastarrica

Creating Space - Story Reflection and Practice in Healthcare Chaplaincy

Sacha Pearce, Jan Collis

BWRT - Reboot your life with BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

Terence Watts

The Complete Handbook of Quantum Healing - An A–Z Self-Healing Guide for Over 100 Common Ailments

Deanna Minich

Theology for Psychology and Counseling - An Invitation to Holistic Christian Practice

Kutter Callaway, William B. Whitney

Analysis and Exile - Boyhood Loss and the Lessons of Anna Freud

Vivian Heller

Unlocked - Online Therapy Stories

Anastasia Piatakhina Giré