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Publisher: Nine Arches Press

Nine Arches Press

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Khairani Barokka

The Snow Globe

Jenny Pagdin


Kostya Tsolakis


Olga Dermott-Bond


Ian Humphreys

The Field in Winter

David Clark

Velvel's Violin

Jacqueline Saphra

A Whistling of Birds

Isobel Dixon

Wild Life

James McDermott

Neptune's Projects

Rishi Dastidar

White Ghosts

Katie Hale

More Than Weeds

L Kiew

After All We Have Travelled

Sarala Estruch

Bunny Girls

Angela Readman

Proof of Life on Earth

Degna Stone

A Fold in the Map

Isobel Dixon

After Sylvia

Sarah Corbett, Ian Humphreys

Living by Troubled Waters

Roy McFarlane

There is (still) love here

Dean Atta

Notes from a Shipwreck

Jessica Mookherjee


Ramona Herdman


Peter Raynard

Still Life With Octopus

Tania Hershman

Primers Volume Six

Kym Deyn, Estelle Price, Fathima Zahra

Space Baby

Suzannah Evans

The Telling

Julia Webb

You have no normal country to return to

Tom Sastry

warm blooded things

Shaun Hill

Why I Write Poetry - Essays on Becoming a Poet Keeping Going and Advice for the Writing Life

Ian Humphreys

single window

Daniel Sluman