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Write It on Your Heart - The Epic World of an Okanagan Storyteller

Harry Robinson

Writing & Publishing Books for Fun & Profit

Margo Armstrong


Janet Hardy-Gould

By the Late John Brockman

John Brockman

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Spanish - Level 3

Linguistics Team

Oxford Read and Discover: Level 6: Caring for Our Planet

Joyce Hannam

Persian Pocket Dictionary

Ioannis Zafeiropoulos

Augustus Does His Bit - "Man can climb to the highest summits but he cannot dwell there long

George Bernard Shaw

Letters to a Young Poet

Rainer Maria Rilke

Some People Talk About Violence

Lulu Raczka, Barrel Organ

Move the Crowd - The Art of Influencing People Through Public Speaking

L. David Harris

Japanese in a Flash Volume 2

John Millen

Business Phrases for Lawyers

Karin Ioannou-Naoum-Wokoun, Martin Helmuth Ruelling

Instant Thai - How to Express 1000 Different Ideas with Just 100 Key Words and Phrases! (Thai Phrasebook)

Stuart Robson, Prateep Changchit

Word Formation 3

Rosalind Fergusson

Battling Pilot the

L. Ron Hubbard

The Idea Factory: 1000 Story Ideas and Writing Prompts to Find Your Next Bestseller

Ryan Lanz

Practical Japanese - Your Guide to Speaking Japanese Quickly and Effortlessly in a Few Hours (Japanese Phrasebook)

Jun Maeda

Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Edgar Allan Poe

Henry V - "Men of few words are the best men"

William Shakespeare

Jack's Handy List of Words: 607 Words That You Can't (or Shouldn't) Live Without

Jack Forbes

Understanding Larry McMurtry

Steven Frye

Speed Reading

Warren R. Sullivan

Educational Linguistics in Practice - Applying the Local Globally and the Global Locally

Francis M. Hult, Prof. Kendall A. King

Blends - Their Relation To English Word Formation

Louise Pound

Learn Arabic in 30 Minutes


Turkish Pocket Dictionary

Ioannis Zafeiropoulos

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Japanese - Level 2

Linguistics Team

Cantonese Chinese in 60 Minutes

Berlitz Publishing

Wonderful Wild Animals

Fiona Kenshole