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Sell yourself never Apply for a Job again - the Secrets of Jobhunting & Jobsearch - Letters of Application Templates Online & Offline Conduct & Survive successfully Job Interviews

Simone Janson

City of Workers City of Struggle - How Labor Movements Changed New York

Joshua B. Freeman

The Wealth of (Some) Nations - Imperialism and the Mechanics of Value Transfer

Zak Cope

Hustle and Gig - Struggling and Surviving in the Sharing Economy

Alexandrea J. Ravenelle

Uberland - How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Rules of Work

Alex Rosenblat

Working for Respect - Community and Conflict at Walmart

Adam Reich, Peter Bearman

Blue Collar Frayed - Working Men in Tomorrow’s Economy

Jennifer Rayner

Sewing Hope - How One Factory Challenges the Apparel Industry's Sweatshops

Sarah Adler-Milstein, John M. Kline

The Death of Homo Economicus - Work Debt and the Myth of Endless Accumulation

Peter Fleming

Maid to Order in Hong Kong - Stories of Migrant Workers Second Edition

Nicole Constable

Making It - Why Manufacturing Still Matters

Louis Uchitelle

The Art of Asking the Right Questions - A People Manager's Toolkit

Caroline McEnery

Competition in the Promised Land - Black Migrants in Northern Cities and Labor Markets

Leah Platt Boustan

Disposable Domestics - Immigrant Women Workers in the Global Economy

Grace Chang

From Convergence to Crisis - Labor Markets and the Instability of the Euro

Alison Johnston

Poor Workers' Unions - Rebuilding Labor from Below (Completely Revised and Updated Edition)

Vanessa Tait

Privatizing Poland - Baby Food Big Business and the Remaking of Labor

Elizabeth Cullen Dunn

Cut Loose - Jobless and Hopeless in an Unfair Economy

Victor Tan Chen

Out of Sight - The Long and Disturbing Story of Corporations Outsourcing Catastrophe

Erik Loomis

The Mythology of Work - How Capitalism Persists Despite Itself

Peter Fleming

The Gratitude Gateway - How an Attitude of Gratitude is the Gateway to transforming your Life

Alan Revolti

The Million Dollar Organizer - 365 Tips for Professional Union Organizers

Bob Oedy

A Field in Flux - Sixty Years of Industrial Relations

Robert B. McKersie

Commuter Spouses - New Families in a Changing World

Danielle Lindemann

Job Coaches for Adults with Disabilities - A Practical Guide

Karola Dillenburger, Ewa Matuska, Marea de Bruijn, Hanns Rüdiger Röttgers

Good Jobs for Inclusive Growth in Central Asia and the South Caucasus - Regional Report

Giovanni Capannelli, Ravi Kanbur

Workers without Borders - Posted Work and Precarity in the EU

Ines Wagner

Extracts From: Salary Seriously Damages Your Happiness

Ezio Angelozzi

Rethinking Global Labour - After Neoliberalism

Ronaldo Munck

Flat Army - Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization

Dan Pontefract