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From Just Esther to Poly-Esther - Embracing Every Part of Yourself to Transform Your Life and Career

Esther M. Alegria

Pioneers of Singapore - Builders of a Better Tomorrow

Lee Chin Lim, Soon Onn Chan

Yield of Dreams - The Keys to Living Passionately

Charlie Epstein

A Darker Shade of Blue - A Police Officer’s Memoir

Keith Merith

Rosalind - one woman did the work three men took the glory

Jessica Mills

Change Agent - The Art and Adventure of Relentless Career Innovation

Ron Gerevas

My Love is Blind

Guan Heng Tan

Dear and Glorious Physician - A Novel About Saint Luke

Taylor Caldwell

The Magical Decade - A personal memoir and popular history of 1965 - 75

Dave Chudwin

Meghan and Harry: The Real Story - Persecutors or Victims (Updated edition)

Lady Colin Campbell

From Welfare To CEO - Lessons from a Single Mom's Journey in Entrepreneuship

Korena Keys

Macho Man - The Untamed Unbelievable Life of Randy Savage

Jon Finkel

The Missionary of Knowledge - Hastings Rashdall’s Life and Thought

Christopher Cunliffe

Push Play - Gaming For a Better World

Songyee Yoon

Rotate - How Five Innovative Women Are Rewriting the Story of Business

Gráinne McNamara

Shepherd’s Sight - A Farming Life

Barbara McLean

From the Inside Out - Harrowing Escapes from the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center

Erik O. Ronningen

An Insignificant Boy

Chris Middleton

Oh Yeah? Watch This! - A Retired Rear Admiral's Journey from the Valleys to the Mountaintops

Ed Allen

Perfectly Imperfect - Embrace your difference find your superpower

Liadán Hynes, Ellen Keane

Let Me Save You 25 Years - Mistakes Miracles and Lessons from the Lovesac Story

Shawn D. Nelson

Edward Vernon-Harcourt - The Last Aristocratic Archbishop of York

Tony Vernon-Harcourt

Thomas Henry Lyon - Architect and aesthete – his life and work

Michael Yelton

Life in Eternity

Robin Oake

Labour Takes Power - The Denis MacShane Diaries 1997–2001

Denis Mac Shane

Adventureholic - Extraordinary Journeys on Seven Continents by Land Sea and Air

Neil Laughton

Mission of Grace - The Story of Saint Marianne Cope

Fran Gangloff

Ask & Deliver - Discover the Heart of Your Business by Listening to the Voice of Your Customers

Mary Ann O'Brien

A Friend From Beyond the Grave - My encounter with Valentin Tomberg

Michael Frensch

An Unlikely Guru - How a Neurotic Jewish Real Estate Developer from New Jersey Found Enlightenment (And How You Can Too)

Chick Atkins