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A book selection created by ghost hand that makes your blood run cold. Let zombies, monsters and other ghastly figures lead you into dreadful worlds. We hope that you will come out again, ready for the next book that is already waiting for you!

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Christmas Past

Skylar McKinzie, Rita Delude, Rena Marin, M W Brown, Lorah Jaiyn, Krystle Able, E.S. McMillan

Riddance - Or: The Sybil Joines Vocational School for Ghost Speakers & Hearing-Mouth Children

Shelley Jackson

The Ghosts who Raised Me

Erin Lee


Jessi McPherson

Halloween Nightmare - Dead Oak Terrors #1

Skylar McKinzie, Rena Marin

Portraits in Flesh

M.W. Brown

Dracula (1897) by Bram Stoker (Original Version)

Bram Stoker

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Golden Deer Classics)

Washington Irving, Silver Deer Classics

The Misbehaving Dead

Jack Burgos

Halloween Screams

M.L. Bullock

Grief Cottage - A Novel

Gail Godwin

The Signalman - A Ghost Story for Christmas

Charles Dickens

The Masque of the Red Death

Edgar Allan Poe

The Lantern - A Novel

Deborah Lawrenson

The Taxidermist's Daughter - A Novel

Kate Mosse

Welcome to Night Vale - A Novel

Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor

Bird Box - A Novel

Josh Malerman

Rooms - A Novel

Lauren Oliver

The Exorcist - 40th Anniversary Edition

William Peter Blatty

Tales of Terror and Mystery

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Call of Cthulhu

H. P. Lovecraft