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Still So Strange - cover

Still So Strange

Amanda Downum

Publisher: Open Road Media

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The World Fantasy Award Finalist: “It’s Clive Barker crossed with Tanith Lee set to a Siouxsie and the Banshees beat, and I loved every second of it.” —Gemma Files, Shirley Jackson Award–winning author of Experimental Film Welcome to a world of monsters, ghosts, and witches, both seductive and terrifying. In the first collection of short fiction from the author of the Necromancer Chronicles, reality shifts and shimmers with potent magic. More than twenty works, including two poems, feature characters who will steal your heart just as easily as your soul. In “Wrack,” a fisherman becomes so enchanted by a mermaid that the call of the waves becomes impossible to resist. When a killer comes to “Dogtown,” he learns that his bark isn’t worse than the bites of the locals. A dying artist returns to Ireland, where the faerie she has always loved tempts her with eternal life, as long as she leaves her humanity on the shore like so much “Flotsam.” And in “Smoke & Mirrors,” the circus comes to a town strangely bereft of ghosts, thanks to a demonic being conducting a train to the netherworld. With prose that is “gently pulling, promising beautifully cold oblivion in smothering darkness,” Amanda Downum transports you to sweltering southern swamps and the labyrinthine streets of Old World cities, proving without a doubt that “she’s one of the very best dark fantastical writers working today” (Bracken MacLeod, author of Closing Costs). “Ethereal, atmospheric, and mysterious.” —Elizabeth Bear, Hugo Award–winning author of Machine “These stories range from the melancholic to the downright chilling, and deftly evoke both the truly strange and the very human.” —Liz Bourke, author and reviewer for and Locus
Available since: 05/31/2022.
Print length: 300 pages.

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