Best Books of the Moment

The Best Books of the Moment

So many books, so little time… We, the digital booksellers of 24symbols, are set on helping you make the best of your time. This is why each week we present you a book that has caught our special attention. This may be a book that everybody is talking about, the debut novel from an author one should look out for or a hidden gem that we were lucky enough to bring to light. Check out the best books of the moment and find your next read. We made sure to include something for everyone’s taste:


Aleph Katz

Aleph Katz surprises with this dystopian science-fiction novel that is set 20 years in the future, after a pandemic has wiped out a quarter of the world’s population.

Young, smart and snappy delinquent Charlie Starborne is asked to help the police implement a program that is able to project a person’s memory on a screen in order to find evidence and solve crimes. She soon realizes that the program inflicts great pain on the persons that are subjected to it and that its use should be strictly limited. When a cruel turn of events causes her to try to steal the program for her own interests, she has to overcome powerful opponents.

Katz delivers a futuristic tale that is full of technological details, as well as drastic social and economic changes caused by the pandemic. An entertaining read that vividly depicts a dark post-pandemic scenario we can only hope never becomes a reality.

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The Midwife’s Touch

Sue Harrison

The latest novel by international bestselling author Sue Harrison is a perfect mix of historical fiction, superstition and adventure, seasoned with a little bit of magic.

China Creed is born with an unusual gift that she must conceal in order to protect herself: Whenever she touches another person, that person’s wish comes true. A cursed blessing that usually evokes greed in others and puts China at great risk because she is not able to withhold her power. The first part of the book is an atmospheric account of China’s childhood that beautifully describes how China discovers and comes to terms with her special gift whilst shedding light on local customs and remedies. In the second part, China’s gift is revealed and the pace of the narrative picks up as she tries to restart her life in New York City with a young doctor she has fallen in love with. Will her secret be safe with him?

Harrison not only delights us with a fascinating and original read, she also raises fundamental questions about power, greed and solidarity.

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Of Men and Women

Pearl S. Buck

Pearl S. Buck was the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. This short book, published in 1941, may not be her most famous one but it certainly stands out as a boldly unique and frank piece of writing in feminist literature.

In OF MEN AND WOMEN, Buck offers a fascinating view on women in the US during the 1940s and compares their stand in society to the role of women in China, where Buck spent most of her life until she was 43. While many of the situations that Buck criticizes have changed, others are still surprisingly relevant. A keen observer and sharp critic of inequalities and repressions rooted in gender, race or economic difference, Buck maintains a marvelous ironic tone that accentuates the social injustice perpetuated by tradition and makes this book a real joy to read.  Especially recommended for lovers of literature, culture and history.

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The Undead

Rachel Caine

Open Road Media has re-released five out of print titles by New York Times bestselling author Rachel Caine and we are thrilled to see them in our digital bookshelves. THE UNDEAD is a fascinating take on vampire fiction, but beware – these are not your sexy, immortal Twilight darlings, the bloodsuckers featured in Caine’s story are fierce, ruthless and they are up for war. A true page-turner that will keep you reading until dawn.

Adam Radburn works as a morgue attendant, a perfect cover-up for his true identity. For the chief of staff is a vampire and the morgue’s working hours suit him just fine as he is trying to fit in with the human world. But when his friend and surgeon Mike Bowman discovers the truth, things get complicated. Even more so when Adam turns Mike into a fellow vampire in order to save him from a sure death.

Whether you are a fan of supernatural fiction or just looking for an exciting new book to dive into, THE UNDEAD is a fantastic read for anybody who loves being sucked into the story from the very first page. This is not just a sanguine horror story, Caine uses the paranormal setting to carefully explore the concept of power and control. And if you like THE UNDEAD, make sure to mark its sequel COLD KISS as your next read.

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A Match in the Making

Jen Turano

Bestselling author Jen Turano is back with yet another delightful historical romance that gives us a glimpse into the life and drama of high society in the Gilded Age. As can be expected from a Turano tale, she tells her story lightly and with a twinkle in the eye that makes the read absolutely enjoyable. 

Miss Brinley is supposed to find a bride for Mr. Townsend, a highly desirable widower and father of three children. What should be a piece of cake turns into a delicate matter and soon Miss Brinley finds herself tangled up in a complicated web of emotions and conventions. Could – class forbid – she herself be the perfect match for the immensely wealthy widower?

Strong in dialogue, the novel moves at a quick pace and you will find yourself on the last page before you know it. And best of all? A MATCH IN THE MAKING marks the start of a new series. We cannot wait for the second book to come out!

The best books of the moment - A Match in the Making by Jen Turano

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Good Girl

Anna Fitzpatrick

Anna Fitzpatrick does not beat around the bush in her debut novel! The very first sentence tells you what you are in for when you read GOOD GIRL: This is some hot, provocative stuff!

Wanna-be writer and real-life bookseller Lucy has been a good girl all her life but when adulthood leaves her without rules to follow, she seeks structure in sexual submission. However, do not expect this to be another version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Beneath the surface of erotic role plays and bondage, Fitzpatrick deals with more general questions that evolve around feminism, growing-up and self-reliance.

The result is as comic as it is erotic: A smart, daring and absolutely hilarious take on being a young woman in a sex-positive society.

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The Ladder

Michael Waterhouse

A stunning narrative about the highly controversial topic of assisted dying. When Kim is diagnosed with an unstoppable disease that causes her body to deteriorate slowly but surely, she and her husband Gary are forced to make the hardest decision of their lives. When is enough enough? And, even more difficult, is assisted dying a dignified way to end suffering or is that just a self-deception? Whose decision is it anyway?

Told from Gary’s perspective, but interspersed with Kim’s diary entries, the storyline jumps back and forth between his reclusive present and the joyful past of his marriage. Each page transpires Gary’s raw grief, immense love and awe for his wife. Waterhouse puts into words the unspeakable without sugarcoating neither Gary’s nor Kim’s actions, motives or feelings. By doing so, he sheds light on gray areas and blurred lines that no one wants to cross. The result is as powerful as it is beautiful, a thought-provoking and earnest approach to a delicate topic. One of those books that linger with you.

The best books of the moment - The Ladder by Michael Waterhouse

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Come Away From Her

Samuel W. Gailey

Whodunit meets world-class storytelling in this gripping small town mystery, where everybody has a motive and neither murderer nor victim are revealed until the very end.

When a deaf woman arrives in Black Walnut, her presence disrupts the peace and quiet of the townspeople. From the beginning we know that two weeks after her arrival, the local pastor will find a dead body in front of his church. As we slowly learn what happened during the days prior to the presumable murder, Gailey presents a diverse set of characters (and a whole series of other deaths). All of them are unhappy with their lives and could well have sought a violent way out. And yet, it is not so much the question of WHO committed the murder that drives the story. Instead, Gailey dives into the lives and sorrows of the town, unearths buried feelings and hushed up crimes. In the end, as light is shed on past secrets, there is hope for reconciliation and healing.

A remarkable portrait of the sometimes bone-crushing other times uplifting power of community and a pledge for kindness.

The best books of the moment - Come Away from her by Samuel W Gailey

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Everything Is Just Beginning

Erin Bartels

It is no secret that Erin Bartels has written her way into our hearts. Her novel The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water made it to the top of The Best Books of 2022 and we were thrilled to see her new book in our digital bookshelves this week.

In EVERYTHING IS JUST BEGINNING, Bartels once again combs through the complexities of personal growth and human relationships. Michael Sullivan is a wannabe rock star who was kicked out of his band and is desperate to prove himself. When meeting the daughter of two famous musicians, he thinks he can fast-forward his way to success. Instead, he is challenged to question his perception of success, fame and inner peace. As Michael learns to overcome past deceptions, the importance of being true to oneself and not letting others define who you are resonates throughout the novel.

Bartels is a keen observer who effortlessly describes the emotional chaos of artistic creation and, ultimately, life itself. A poignant read you should not miss!

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Jane Heafield

Heafield’s latest thriller is a masterclass in psychological suspense that examines the way our mind deals with terror and trauma. Lisa has been attacked in the woods but cannot remember anything. Slowly the memory comes back, not only from the night of the attack but also from a long forgotten past. As the novel is told from Lisa’s perspective, we experience the anxiety and insecurity caused by her memory gaps first hand.

Heafield skillfully creates a fast-paced story, full of surprises and twists that reveals an unexpected truth little by little. While the dreadful events that take place throughout the story are not described in detail, the language used in dialogue can be vulgar. If that does not put you off and you like enthralling thrillers, then OBSESSED is the perfect choice for your next read.

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Anita Cassidy

What happens when the urge to satisfy your desires spirals out of control? In this impressive debut novel, Anita Cassidy shows us the inner lives of three very different people and their insatiable appetites for food, sex and the need to make an impact.

The book mostly concentrates on David and Naomi. David is a dangerously obese teenager who eats in order to comfort his sorrows of being the fattest kid at school. Naomi, the mother of David’s best friend, is frustrated by motherhood and marriage and seeks to boost her self-esteem in a sexual affair. Then there is Matthew, David’s school teacher, whose ambition to make the world a better place assumes alarming dimensions when he meets radical activist Polly. As all three are driven by their indomitable urges, they keep making questionable choices and disaster hovers on the horizon.

What follows is a journey of learning, self-awareness and the commitment to make conscious decisions. A great book to start the New Year and reinforce your New Year’s resolution 🙂

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All the Lost Places

Amanda Dykes

A magical, inspirational and poetic story about belonging and identity that intertwines the lives of two different men from two different centuries. Daniel Goodman is fresh out of prison and on a quest for redemption. When he is offered a job that sends him to Venice in order to find out more about a mysterious, unfinished book about the life of Sebastien Trovato, Goodman is awestruck not only by Trovato’s story but also by the ancient city of Venice and the secrets that are hidden behind its decaying walls. As he dives deeper into the enigma that revolves around Trovato, he unravels an unexpected past.

Dykes takes great care to develop authentic characters and the dual time line adds mystery and depth to the plot. A definite must-read for all fans of historical fiction who enjoy a little touch of mystery and faith.

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White Fang

Jack London

Every now and then we love to highlight a classic and with the holiday season around the corner, what could be better than to snuggle up under a blanket with a great book?

WHITE FANG is one of those books that you can read again and again. London portrays the harsh life of a wolf-cub, born in the Canadian wilderness to a mother that is half-dog and half-wolf and a wolf father. The cub returns with his mother to an Indian camp where he is given the name White Fang. Being fierce and ferocious by nature, he grows up among men but his journey is one of violence and hatred until ultimately he learns what it means to be loved. The story is told by an omniscient narrator that beautifully captures White Fang’s apprehension of the social hierarchy that surrounds him and the laws he must obey in order to survive.

An ode to the intelligence and endurance of the wild and a true reminder about the destructive nature of hatred and the power of love.

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Madelaine and the Forest

Beth Wood

It is hard to believe that this is the first work of fiction Beth Wood has published. A smart mix of folk tale, poetry and psychological study, MADELEINE AND THE FOREST lures us into the dark part of fairy tales and questions our perception of reality.

Madeleine is on the top of her literary career when her personal life hits rock bottom. As the story is told from her perspective, we readers are as puzzled as she is about the turn of events. Because we receive information only in bits and pieces, we never know whether to trust Madeleine’s memory or her perception of reality. Being a poet, she is a master in creating parallel worlds and loves to draft happy endings. Will she be able to find a happy ending for her own story?

Beautifully written and brilliantly plotted, this novel keeps the reader wondering about truth, genius and mental health. Absolutely mind-blowing.

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As Little As Nothing

Pamela Mulloy

Set on the verge of World War II, AS LITTLE AS NOTHING is a thoughtful book that follows the paths of four different characters, who each are facing different difficulties in their lives. Miriam and her husband Edmund are mourning Miriam’s fifths miscarriage. Frank is trying to ignore his homosexuality. Audrey is on a mission to educate women about reproductive rights.

While all characters have their say, the focus lays clearly on Miriam’s and Audrey’s ways to overcome personal hardships. Audrey, together with Frank, encourages Miriam to learn flying and thus helps her find not only an escape from her grief but also a new purpose in her life. Her own quest for women’s rights stems from past events that are gradually revealed throughout the novel.

Carefully researched and well written, Mulloy dives into the history of feminism and interweaves historical facts with fascinating fictional lives. A truly inspiring read about empowerment and self-fulfillment.

Read As Little As Nothing by Pamela Mulloy

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Patty Dann

The inspiration for the cult-movie with Cher from 1990 is now available as ebook. At times comic and at times tragic, this coming-of-age novel sheds light on the complexities of adolescence and explores a turbulent relationship between mother and daughter.

If being a teenager is a messy business for anybody, Catherine’s transition to adulthood is a complete chaos. Her vivacious mother leaves town whenever a love-affair is coming to its end and drags Catherine and her sister Kate from one place to another. Trying to set herself apart from her mother’s carefree lifestyle, Catherine seeks footing in the strict rules of Catholicism but falls deeply in love herself. 

Whether you want to refresh your memories or whether you are new to the lovable Flax family, MERMAIDS is an enjoyable and unforgettable read.

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A Voice in the Night

Sarah Hawthorn

This captivating thriller from debut author Sarah Hawthorn will pull you in from the beginning. Imagine receiving a note from a lover you thought was dead for twenty years… After putting an end to her marriage and moving continents to reinvent herself, Lucie already has a lot on her plate. When she reads the short, mysterious note signed by a certain Martin, she does not even think of the man she had been passionately in love with and who died in the 9/11 terror attacks. But can it really be him or is somebody trying to fool her?

The hook of the story is as strong as it is unusual. Spanning two decades and three different continents, Hawthorn keeps the action going at a fast pace, making it impossible to put the book down. But this is more than an addictive, page-turning thriller. Underneath the mystery, there is a thoughtful contemplation about grief and the long-term impact of traumatic events.

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Why Am I Taller?

Elizabeth Howell, Dr. Dave Williams

There is something magical about the neverending vastness of space. Something that has intrigued humanity since the beginning of time. Dr. Dave Williams is one of the few fortunates to have traveled to space and, being not only an astronaut but a physician-astronaut, part of his mission was to observe how the human body responds to the lack of gravity. Not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about exploring the universe… But certainly of utter importance if humanity wants to inhabit other planetary bodies. Something that may well happen during this millennium, according to this book. 

Dr. Williams and Howell explain the challenges for our bodies in an entertaining and highly informative way, so that you will learn all about chicken legs, moon face and height increase in space. While these symptoms are temporary, other symptoms cause astronauts to age way faster in space than on earth, which is why many of space medicine’s findings can already help improve life on earth for the elderly. A truly remarkable read!

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Winter People

Gráinne Murphy

WINTER PEOPLE is a novel about sorrow, redemption and acceptance. About the way we perceive each other and make assumptions based on our own reality without really putting ourselves into the position of others. A quiet, contemplative and character driven story about three different people in difficult situations. Facing loss and (self-inflicted) loneliness, each of the three protagonists has their own way to cope but all seek solace with the sea.

Murphy describes her characters with great care and allows space for subtle but spot-on observations, as well as deep thoughts, that will linger with you. Beautifully written and highly recommended!

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An Act of Love

Carol Drinkwater

We are thrilled to have included the books by international bestselling author Carol Drinkwater on 24symbols! Her latest novel AN ACT OF LOVE could be her best novel yet:

In this compelling story, loosely inspired by true events, a Jewish teenage girl is hiding from Nazis in the French Alps. After having had to flee from Poland and Nice, her life promises to bloom in the alps, when she falls in love with a young lad from the village. But WORLD WAR II is taking its course… Eventually the Nazis close in on her remote hideout and our heroine has to choose between love and safety.

Drinkwater masterfully captures the atmosphere of the time and weaves a story of first love, friendship, resistance and freedom. A moving reminder of the importance of fighting for one’s rights.

Read An Act of Love by Carol Drinkwater

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The Laguna Shores Research Club

Laura Kelly Robb

Laura Kelly Robb delights us with a first-rate mystery novel that will keep you in the dark until the very end. When Billie Farmer, the brain of Laila’s research club, suddenly dies under dubious circumstances, Laila’s world is turned upside down. Determined to find out what really happened, she no longer can be sure whom to trust. Soon finds herself in the middle of a dangerous game.

From the beginning we know that something is not quite right about Billie’s death and Robb masterfully augments this suspicion with every chapter. As Laila tries to untangle the web of intrigues, deceits and betrayals that surrounds her, it becomes clear that her opponents are not to be underestimated. Along with Laila we are set on the wrong track more than once and the end will surely take you by surprise.

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New Brighton

Helen Trevorrow

Helen Trevorrow offers us an eerie look into the future in her dystopian novel NEW BRIGHTON. Something is off in Robyn Lockhart’s usually calm life by the seaside. Not only is her relationship with Vincent crumbling as she feels an irresistible attraction to Tiffany. Her whole world is shaken when a mysterious ship runs on shore and curious bystanders are gassed by authorities.

There are many questions and you will feel as lost as Robyn during the first chapters. How come she cannot shake the feeling of knowing Tiffany from before? Why are there so many holes in her memory? And are these memories even real? Luckily our heroine does not give up easily and is determined to find out the truth about her life. The result is an action-packed sci-fi thriller that will blow your mind.

Read New Brighton from Helen Trevorrow

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Kissproof World

William West

A heart touching novel about adolescence, abuse and therapy. When six teenagers from difficult backgrounds share a home, things are bound to become challenging. Even if this home is a social institution with therapeutic and psychiatric assistance. But not only the kids have to process the traumatic experiences that have marked their lives. Also Neva, a young therapist working at the home, has a past she has not come to terms with.

William West perfectly captures the different personalities of his characters, taking them for who they are and portraying them in an earnest, authentic way. Each of them has been in abusive situations and while West addresses gut wrenching experiences, the setting enables him to narrate the story from a psychological perspective and to focus on healing, rather than suffering.

Read Kissproof World from William West

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The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs Kip

Sara Brunsvold

In her debut novel, Sara Brunsvold explores age, faith and compassion. Rookie journalist Aidyn Kelley has incurred the wrath of her editors and is chastened with a low-key assignment. Or so it seems… When interviewing 79-year-old Clara Kip, Aidyn realizes that the dying woman has an extraordinary story to tell.

Brunsvold does a wonderful job contrasting the competitive world of Aidyn’s newsroom with the compassionate views of Clara Kip. As Aidyn gets to know Clara, she understands how much more fulfilling life becomes if, instead of only focusing on your own advantage, you take a moment to consider the needs of those around you. A truly inspirational read that will warm your heart, whether you are religious or not.

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