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LGBTQ+ books to celebrate Pride Month

Are you ready for the world’s most vibrant celebration of love, joy, and inclusivity? As every year, we present a delightful literary festival in honor of Pride Month. Immerse yourself in the magic of seven outstanding books that will take you over the rainbow!

In this micro-selection, we present a mix of timeless classics and contemporary fiction that beautifully explore LGBTQ+ themes. Featuring established and emerging authors, as well as a blend of novels and biographical texts, this selection offers a taste of the rich and diverse LGBTQ+ spectrum. Here are seven books to fall in love with:

The Whale Tattoo

Jon Ransom

A soulful novel that follows Joe’s journey as he grapples with death, haunting memories and the pursuit of redemption. Returning to his hometown after two years of absence, he seeks solace in his deceased sister and attempts to revive a troubled relationship with his former lover Fysh. Ransom’s evocative prose and vivid sense of place immerse readers in a tale that explores themes of love, choice, and the depths of human emotions.

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Gears for Queers

Abigail MeltonLilith Cooper Cooper

This remarkable memoir chronicles the transformative bicycle journey of Abi and her partner Lili as they travel across Europe, meeting diverse people and cultures along the way. With humor and unflinching honesty, the book takes readers on an empowering journey alongside the duo, both physically and mentally, and lets them witness the challenges Abi and Lili conquer on their path.

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My Name Is Philippa

Philippa Ryder

This astonishingly open memoir explores the author’s transition from male to female. As Ryder detangles the complicated realms of both physical and emotional changes involved in transitioning, she also offers valuable insights into common queries surrounding transgender experiences. A truly essential read that invites readers to gain understanding for and extend support to the transgender community.

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She Called Me Woman

Edited by Rafeeat AliyuAzeenarh MohammedChitra Nagarajan

An extraordinary anthology that boldly brings forth the diverse voices and experiences of queer women in Nigeria. Through personal accounts, the book addresses the difficulties, triumphs and resilience of these women, offering a powerful insight into their lives. An important contribution to spread awareness, challenge societal norms and promote inclusivity.

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Still the One

Harper Bliss

Jamie and Mac’s love has been tested and failed by Jamie’s affair. Twenty years after their break-up the two meet again. As they navigate their complicated history and the challenges of their present lives, sparks reignite, and they must confront their lingering feelings. With compelling characters and emotional depth, Bliss delivers a heartfelt story of true love, forgiveness, and second chances.

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Anything That Moves

Jamie Stewart

A captivating exploration of self-discovery and queer awakening. Through a series of candid and often shocking anecdotes, rock star Jamie Stewart takes readers on a journey of abasement, depravity, joy, and embarrassment. While digging into the complexities of sex, Stewart showcases both its humorous and hauntingly sad aspects.

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The Sleeping Car Porter

Suzette Mayr

A captivating novel with a rich historical backdrop that delves into the lives of the employees aboard a Canadian passenger train in 1929. The story follows Baxter, a secretly queer, black sleeping car porter who faces racism and bigotry in a society undergoing significant social changes. When the train comes to an unexpected stop, Baxter finds out that he is not the only one hiding his sexual identity. 

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