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LGTBQ books to celebrate Gay Pride

We are thrilled that Gay Pride is finally able to reconquer the streets and cannot wait to join the world’s most diverse party of love, joy and positivity. If you have already danced your heart out and need some rest or if this year you still prefer to take it a bit slower, we are right by your side to celebrate sexual diversity with five books that will take you over the rainbow.

In this micro-selection we present classics and contemporary fiction that embrace the LGBTQ theme, including established and emerging authors, novels and biographic texts. Still, we are aware that this list is not even beginning to cover the whole LGBTQ spectre. Here are five books to fall in love with:

The Light Streamed Beneath It

In this deeply moving memoir, Shawn Hitchins shares his story of love, loss, grief and healing. After having lost two loves of his life, he shares his “impossible sadness” with us but also leaves us with the insight that life is good. Crude, personal and a gift to Hitchin’s readers!

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Fighting with Pride

If being queer in society is still a challenge, being queer in the armed forces seems to be a Mission Impossible. In this volume, ten members of the LGBTQ+ community tell their experiences in the armed forces when being queer was still a taboo. Edited by Craig Jones.

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What’s Left of the Night

In June 1897, the poet C.P. Cavafy spends three days in Paris. A stay that will shape his life and that Ersi Sotiropoulos turns into a highly lyrical and erotic account about self-discovery and artistic creativity.

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Black Queer Hoe

Brought to us from award-winning writer Britteney Black Rose Kapri, this collection of badass poetry is a real joy for the committed and passionate heart. A manifestation of sexuality, identity, pride and empowerment. A must-read!

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Summer of the Cicadas

This short but powerful novel penned by Chelsea Catherine deals with loss, depression, addiction and, last but not least, unanswered love. Poignant, original and simply unputdownable.

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Did we fail to mention one of your favorite books? Leave us a comment or browse our digital bookshelf LGTBQ LIT for further readings.