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5 Historical Romance Novels to Warm Your Heart

Historic settings, feisty characters, love and intrigue make the perfect ingredients for an irresistible read. No wonder that historical romance novels are taking the world by storm. Truth be told: We are totally on board! And because this genre is sooooo addictive, it is a special joy that most historical romance novels are published as series. We cannot wait to snuggle up in a blanket with these super cozy historical romance novels. If you feel the same, check out our top five picks for this fall:

The Secrets of Emberwild

Stephenia H. McGee delights us with a historical romance novel that takes place in Mississippi at the beginning of the 20th century. In THE SECRETS OF EMBERWILD, horses are the secret stars and humans do poorly in comparison to the gentle creatures. Secrets and mistrust have to be overcome in this tender romance where a headstrong woman fights to maintain her father’s horse farm and a stern man is trying to find answers to the mysterious death of his father. Will they overcome their differences?

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Hearts on the Heath

Kristi Ann Hunter is one of our all time favourites when it comes to historical romance. Her latest series, HEARTS ON THE HEATH, has everything one can ask for: Nobility, horses and couples that would be perfect for each other if it was not for societal expectations. And of course Hunter does not fail us and tells the story in the witty tone that we know and love her for.

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When the Day Comes

Historical fiction meets fantasy in Gabrielle Meyer’s stunning new series TIMELESS. Can you imagine living in two different timelines? Libby is doing just that as she switches between 1914 New York and 1774 Williamsburg whenever she goes to sleep. In both lives she has her passions and challenges but she knows that she cannot keep living in two timelines forever. On her 21st birthday she will have to choose one of the two. If only we could fast-forward to start reading the sequel right away…

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A Heart Adrift

Bestselling author Laura Frantz loves everything about the 18th century and her passion is contagious. Rich with historical detail, A HEART ADRIFT dives into the lives of chocolatier Esmée Shaw and Captain Henri Lennox who are mourning their failed relationship, while war with France is looming over colonial Virgina. Or could there be another chance for the two ex-lovers? Do make sure to have a box of chocolate near when reading this delicious novel. Frantz is known for her vivid descriptions and this is true for the historic setting as well as Esmées mouth-watering sweets.

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The Bleecker Street Inquiry Agency

Jen Turano is known for her humorous writing and her latest book series is no exception. Turano clearly loves to indulge in her characters’ lives and enchants us with a perfect mix of romance, history and mystery! In each of the three novels we get to know a different remarkable woman and the challenges she has to face. The stories are only loosely connected, so it is not necessary to read the whole series but once you start, you will most certainly want to know everything there is to know about the lovely ladies of THE BLEECKER STREET INQUIRY AGENCY.

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