The Best Books of 2022

The Best Books of 2022

Throughout the whole year, we look forward to this very moment: Presenting the Best Books of the Year is always a highlight for us! This is the time we get to remember books that have given us special joy, that have surprised or inspired us, taken us with them to far away countries or different worlds, allowing us to experience realities we otherwise might never get to know.

Each week when we recommend a new title for the Best Books of the Moment, we secretly wonder if this book will make it into the selection of the Best Books of the Year. Will you readers share our enthusiasm or do you prefer other readings? This year we see with great joy that you have relished our editors’ picks as well as some book gems that you have discovered yourselves. Books so captivating, they did not need any promotion from our part 🙂.

The result is a colorful mix of non-fiction and fiction books, including thrillers, contemporary and historical fiction. While some of the authors featured in this selection are well known, others have debuted this year and we truly hope to read more from them in the future. How about you? Have you already read the Best Books of 2022? If not, take your pick:

The Best Books of 2022

Of course we have created a bookshelf with the Best Books of 2022, so that you can find them easily and mark the ones you would like to read. When clicking on the book cover, you will also be able to read our mini-review in the comment section if the book in question has been featured as book of the week :).

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