Great Literature with Female Signature

Great Literature with Female Signature

Female writers that are worth reading in a literary panorama dominated by men.

We are dedicating this selection to a few exceptional women who deserve recognition in a literary landscape that remains male-dominated. We pay tribute to celebrated female pioneers in the field of literature who paved the way for women in writing, as well as to lesser known writers who are not afraid to explore complex themes. Writers who cannot be easily categorized, and whose extraordinary talent we predict will lead them to a bright future – or whose work should have received greater recognition during their lifetime.

In short, female writers who are worth reading and who you can find on 24symbols:

Pearl S. Buck 

Pearl S. Buck was the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. This short book, published in 1941, may not be her most famous one but it certainly stands out as a boldly unique and frank piece of writing in feminist literature. A keen observer and sharp critic of inequalities and repressions rooted in gender, race or economic difference, Buck maintains a marvelous ironic tone that accentuates the social injustice perpetuated by tradition and makes this book a real joy to read.

Female writers - Of Men and Women by Pearl S. Buck

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Anna Fitzpatrick

An astonishing new voice among American writers, the Canadian Anna Fitzpatrick does not hold back. Her prose is brutally honest and provocative, funny and erotic at the same time. In her debut novel GOOD GIRL she offers a smart, daring and absolutely hilarious take on being a young woman in a sex-positive society. Definitively a writer to look out for!

Female writers - Good Girl by Anna Fitzpatrick

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Eileen Pollack

Smart is the new sexy? Scientist and novelist Eileen Pollack has a very different story to tell. In MAYBE IT’S ME she contemplates expectations and experiences she has had as child, student, wife and mother. As one of the first women to earn a physics degree at Yale, Pollack was met with strong resistance and gave up on her dream of becoming a theoretical physicist. Let’s just say that science has lost and literature has won a powerful mind.

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Lara Ehrlich

The debut short story collection ANIMAL WIFE by Lara Ehrlich takes you into a fairytale-esque universe that explores the different stages of womanhood. From childhood over adolescence to motherhood – the stories capture each phase with a beautiful touch of magic. Ehrlich blends fantastic and mystical elements with very human (female) problems and thus softens the edges of reality. Charming and thought-provoking!

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Willa Cather

Willa Cather (1873-1947) was born in Virginia and raised on the Nebraska prairie. She worked as a newspaper writer, teacher and editor and was in a relationship with another editor, Edith Lewis. Her book SONG OF THE LARK tells the story of Thea, a young woman who wants to escape from the narrow-mindedness of her rural hometown and goes to Chicago to become a successful singer. With Thea’s triumph, Cather is surely celebrating her own accomplishments. Many say that if Cather had lived in other times, her work would have reflected her sexuality and her commitment for gender equality to a much greater extent.

Female Writers - Read The Song of a Lark by Willa Cather

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Frances E. W. Harper

Frances E. W. Harper was one of the first African American women to have her work published in the United States and IOLA LEROY was her most important novel. Even though this is a fictional story, Harper provides deep insight into the situation of black and mixed-race women during the times of the American Civil War and the following years. An unsettling read with an inspiring heroine that sheds light on a dark part of history.

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Asja Bakić

In MARS, the Bosnian poet and writer Asja Bakić creates dystopian worlds with female protagonists who are faced with bizarre situations they cannot control. Each of the stories is disturbing and original, Bakić clearly knows how to convey feminist concerns without sounding patronizing. Instead, she takes the absurdities of female experiences one step further and embeds them in a surreal narrative. That is not only fun but extremely beautiful to read.

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Of course we are aware that this is just a small selection and many other female writers are worth mentioning. Check out more books written by noteworthy women in our digital bookshelf GREAT LITERATURE WITH FEMALE SIGNATURE and let us know which other female writers you like to read.