Female Writers

Great Literature with Female Signature II

Female writers that are worth reading in a literary panorama dominated by men.

We’re dedicating this selection to a few very special women who deserve to be pointed out in a literary panorama that is unjustly dominated by men. Courageous writers who tackle complicated themes, who are not easily categorized and for whom we predict a great future, or whose talent should have been recognized in their lifetime. We owe them a literary heritage that will go on living forever. Find out which female writers we’re talking about and read their books on 24symbols:

Jokha Alharthi

Jokha Alharthi is not only the first female Omani writer to have her novels published in English, she is also the first Arabic author to win the Man Booker International Prize with CELESTIAL BODIES in 2019. The novel gives insight into a world little known to Western society and as such offers a non-Western feminist critique of patriarchy as well as a non-Western exploration of freedom and self-determination. We are looking forward to reading more from this poetic voice and are glad to hear that her latest novel NARINJAH (Bitter Orange) is going to be published in English in 2021.

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Read Celestial Bodies by Jokha Alharthi online

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E.M. Reapy

Elizabeth (EM) Reapy is an Irish writer and mentor. Her debut novel RED DIRT won Newcomer of the Year at the 2016 Irish Book Awards and in 2017 she was awarded the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature. Her second novel SKIN explores the self-destructive relationship many women (and some men) have with their bodies. Natalie does not feel comfortable in her skin and seeks comfort in binge eating. In order to break this vicious cycle she embarks on a journey that takes her around the world and to the depth of her inner self. A wonderful novel that reveals the cruel and unnecessary beauty obsession of today’s Western society.

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Lang Leav

Lang Leav was born in a refugee camp in Thailand but moved with her parents to Australia when she was eleven months old. She started publishing her poetry on social media back in 2013 and rose to stardom as one of the so-called insta-poets. By now she is an international bestselling novelist and poet whose works cover the themes of love, loss and female empowerment. Her latest novel POEMSIA shows the dark side of celebrity and fandom, a topic that Lang Leav surely can relate to.

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Saskia Vogel

Saskia Vogel is a translator and novelist whose book PERMISSION caused a media sensation last year and has already been translated into various languages. Her publications have always revolved around gender, power, and sexuality. Currently, Vogel is part of the organizing team of Viva Erotica, a Finnish annual film festival that explores the art, history, and culture of sex on film. In PERMISSION, she defies typical BDSM clichés and portrays sexual kink with great empathy, showing that pain may also offer comfort and cure.

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Willa Cather

Willa Cather (1873-1947) was born in Virginia and raised on the Nebraska prairie. She worked as a newspaper writer, teacher, and managing editor of McClure’s magazine and was in a relationship with another editor, Edith Lewis. Her book Song of the Lark tells the story of Thea, a young woman that wants to escape from the narrow-mindedness of her rural Midwestern hometown and goes to Chicago to become a successful singer. With Thea’s triumph, Cather is surely celebrating her own accomplishments. Many say that if Cather had lived in other times, her work would have reflected her sexuality and her commitment for gender equality to a much greater extent.

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Of course we are aware that this is just a selection and many other female writers are worth mentioning. Discover more powerful female writers in our first section of Great Literature with Female Signature and on 24symbols!