10 Romance Novels

Top Valentine’s Day Romance Novels to Read Online

What would be of literature if not for love stories? Love has produced the finest novels, poems and plays and in this mini-selection we want to point out some very special romance novels you can read online or download on 24symbols.

This is why our digital booksellers have created a selection of the best romance books you need to know if you want to impress your Valentine. Whether classic romance or modern love stories, we want to pay homage to the heroes and romantics that get out of line. Whether comic, dramatic or tragic, these literary heroes will live in our hearts forever and we hope you will enjoy our top Valentine’s Day Romance Novels as much as we did!

The Best Contemporary Romance Novels

Pretty Little Pieces

Carmen Schober

Love in the times of social media stardom. Georgina’s world crushes when her boyfriend single-handedly puts their relationship on hold. Both being influencers, they were supposed to do a home renovation show together which is now canceled. Determined to keep control of her life and career, Georgina accepts the renovation of a cottage in a remote village of Tennessee. But will her fans accept her as a solo star? And what’s up with this cute ex-sniper that gives her butterflies in her stomach? A modern love story that embraces the bustle of social media as much as country calm, new beginnings and Christian faith.

The best romance novels - Pretty Little Things by Carmen Schober

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Good Girl 

Anna Fitzpatrick

The very first sentence tells you what you are in for when you read GOOD GIRL: This is some hot, provocative stuff! Wanna-be writer and real-life bookseller Lucy has been a good girl all her life but when adulthood leaves her without rules to follow, she seeks structure in sexual submission. However, do not expect this to be another version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Beneath the surface of erotic role plays and bondage, Fitzpatrick deals with more general questions that evolve around feminism, growing-up and self-reliance. A smart, daring and absolutely hilarious take on being a young woman in a sex-positive society.

The best romance novels - Good Girl by Anna Fitzpatrick

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The Sound of Light 

Sarah Sundin

If you are looking for clean romance with a historical setting, check out the latest novel by bestselling author and Christy Award winner Sarah Sundin. Known for her atmospheric WWII novels, Sundin once again delights us with a moving plot, complex characters and a tender love story. In THE SOUND OF LIGHT ordinary people rise up to critical times and do extraordinary things. A perfect mix of history, tension and emotions, this novel will find its way right into your heart.

The best romance novels - The Sound of Light by Sarah Sundin

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Tessa Cavendish Is Getting Married

Suzie Tullett

Or do you prefer a fun, light read? Then this is the perfect book for you! Tessa and Leo are getting married in a small, intimate circle – or so they thought. As it turns out, their moms have other plans and try everything in their power to upgrade the wedding to an unforgettable event. So Tessa and Leo have to figure out how to hold on to the simple wedding they had in mind without upsetting their loved ones. More comedy than romance, this is a lively story that will entertain you big time!

The Best Romance Novels - Tessa Cavendish Is Getting Married by Suzie Tullett

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Rue Harlow

This sweet and absolutely delicious debut novel by Rue Harlow had us hooked from the very first page. Coffee shop owner Liliana Travis is shocked when she learns that her high school crush Dom is back in town. Not only is she overwhelmed by her old feelings being rekindled, she also has to be cautious because Dom is planning to open a cozy bakery together with his grandmother. Will his unexpected return lead to a fierce competition or romantic reunion? Find out in this absolutely addictive and appetizing story.

The Best Romance Novels - Anticipation by Rue Harlow

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The Best Romance Novels of All Time

The Nightingale and the Rose

Oscar Wilde’s nightingale is probably the most tragic romantic of all. We would like to dedicate this list to the brave little bird that believed in eternal love and thought that “love is better than life.” If you are planning on buying red roses for your Valentine, make sure to mention this tale and your roses will never be forgotten. 

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Wuthering Heights

Highly emotional and disturbing for the time it was published, Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights still impresses with its dramatic plot and strong characters. Sensitivity, revenge and hate are deeply rooted in every single page of the novel and not even death can stop the protagonists’ passionate love. Interesting fact: this classic romance has also inspired Kate Bush to a song of the same title.

Best Romance Novels of all time - Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

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Anna Karenina 

Though a classic, Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina is not your typical romance novel. We think of love as something ultimately positive but in Anna Karenina it comes as a blessing as well as a curse. While Levin and Kitty experience a romantic love that everyone is longing for, Anna experiences a tragic love and it would have been better for her if she had never fallen for Vronsky. Whether romantic or tragic, we love this novel and think it is worth being read over and over again:

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A Boys Own Story

(for USA and Canada only)

The classic of gay literature is a masterpiece on adolescence and sexual awakening in general. In this fictional autobiography, White wonders what would happen if for once he did not hold back and told everything. Is the world prepared to listen to the truth without judging him for his feelings? Growing up in the Midwest of the United States in the 1950s, White discovers his homosexuality at 15 years old, when he explores sexual life together with a friend and ends up falling deeply in love. Unfortunately his friend is only interested in the physical act, not in the sentimental part… 

A perceptive story about loneliness, personal and sexual discovery told with a brutal honesty that will leave you speechless.

The Best Romance Novels of All Time - A Boy's Own Story by Edmund WhiteRead the book (USA and Canada)

 Pride and Prejudice 

How could we not include Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen in a list of romance books? Mr. Darcy has become a synonym for the Mr. Perfect that every woman is secretly looking for. With its wit, social precision and, above all, its irresistible heroine Lizzy, Pride and Prejudice has proved one of the most endearingly popular novels that deserves to be read again and again, for “We are all fools in love.”

The best romance novels of all time - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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