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Social Entrepreneurship in Germany - An Analysis of the Media Discourse from 1999 to 2021

Philipp Kenel

Webfare - A Manifesto for Digital Well-Being

Maurizio Ferraris

The Youth Climate Uprising - From the School Strike Movement to an Ecophilosophy of Democracy

David Fopp, Isabelle Axelsson, Loukina Tille

Securitising Decolonisation - The Silencing of Ewe and Togoland Unification under United Nations Trusteeship 1945-1960

Julius Heise

Beyond Neoliberalism and Neo-illiberalism - Economic Policies and Performance for Sustainable Democracy

Markus Gabriel, Anna Katsman, Thomas Liess, William Milberg

Religious Freedom and Populism - The Appropriation of a Human Right and How to Counter It

Bernd Hirschberger, Katja Voges

Beyond Quantity - Research with Subsymbolic AI

Jens Schröter, Andreas Sudmann, Anna Echterhölter, Markus Ramsauer, Fabian Retkowski, Alexander Waibel

Food - Media - Senses - Interdisciplinary Approaches

Jens Ruchatz, Christina Bartz, Eva Wattolik

The Christian Right in Europe - Movements Networks and Denominations

Gionathan Lo Mascolo

Video Conferencing - Infrastructures Practices Aesthetics

Jan Distelmeyer, Axel Volmar, Olga Moskatova

Observing Conflict Escalation in World Society - Ukraine's Maidan and Mali's Breakup

Richard Bösch

Update Liberalism - Liberal Answers to the Challenges of Our Time

Ralf Fücks, Rainald Manthe

A Tale of Two Unions - The British Union and the European Union After Brexit

Mark Corner

Ukraine's Many Faces - Land People and Culture Revisited

Olena Palko, Manuel Férez Gil

Cosmos and Republic - Arendtian Explorations of the Loss and Recovery of Politics

Wolfgang R. Heuer

Handbook Transdisciplinary Learning

Tobias Schmohl, Thorsten Philipp

Polycentric Water Governance in Spain - Understanding Determinants Patterns and Performance of Coordination

Nora Schütze

The Mediatization of the OJ Simpson Case - From Reality Television to Filmic Adaptation

Tatjana Neubauer

Global Authoritarianism - Perspectives and Contestations from the South

International Research Group on Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies

Mental Health | Atmospheres | Video Games - New Directions in Game Research II

Felix Zimmermann, Jimena Aguilar Rodríguez, Federico Alvarez Igarzábal, Michael S. Debus, Curtis L. Maughan, Su-Jin Song, Miruna Vozaru

Playful Materialities - The Stuff That Games Are Made Of

Gundolf S. Freyermuth, Benjamin Beil, Hanns Christian Schmidt, Raven Rusch

Towards a New Enlightenment - The Case for Future-Oriented Humanities

Wilhelm Krull, Christoph Horn, Markus Gabriel, Corine Pelluchon, Anna Katsman, Anna Luisa Lippold, Ingo Venzke

»We Are All Activists« - Exploring Solidarities in Activism By With and For Refugees and Migrants in Hamburg

Lea Rzadtki

The Politics of Digital Pharmacology - Exploring the Craft of Collective Care

Felix Heidenreich, Florian Weber-Stein

The Cultural Politics of Affect and Emotion - A Case Study of Chinese Reality TV

Wei Dong

Expanded Choreographies - Choreographic Histories - Trans-Historical Perspectives Beyond Dance and Human Bodies in Motion

Anna Leon

Convivial Futures - Views from a Post-Growth Tomorrow

Frank Adloff, Alain Caillé

(Dis)Obedience in Digital Societies - Perspectives on the Power of Algorithms and Data

Sven Quadflieg, Klaus Neuburg, Simon Nestler

Weaving Solidarity - Decolonial Perspectives on Transnational Advocacy of and with the Mapuche

Sebastian Garbe

Digital Capitalism and Distributive Forces

Sabine Pfeiffer