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Publisher: The Parliament House

The Parliament House

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D.M. Siciliano

Veiled by Desire - A Laith Novel

Candace Robinson

The Storyteller’s Daughter

Victoria McCombs

Of Blood and Magic

Shayne Leighton


Marlena Frank

The Aberrationists

Ray O’Meara

The Infernal Machine

C.W. Snyder

The Hollow Gods

A. J. Vrana

Wandering In Wonderland

Aislinn Honeycutt


Asa Tait

An Unholy Magick

Kali Rose Schmidt

Sarayna’s Fate - An Empire Saga Novella

M. Dalto

Shadowed by Despair

Candace Robinson

The Sin Soldiers

Tracy Auerbach

Count the Rain

Kathryn Lee Martin

Marrow Charm

Kristin Jacques

The Shrike & The Shadows

Chantal Gadoury, A.M. Wright

To Wake The Dead

Sarah Lampkin

The Call of Death

R.J. Garcia

Starlight - A Starlight Chronicles Novella

P.S. Malcolm


Celia McMahon

Child of Nod

C.W. Snyder

The Redpoint Crux

Morgan Shamy

The Crystal War

Tracy Auerbach

Arms of the Ocean

M. Dalto, Jamie Webster