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Murder in Georgetown

Margaret Truman

Make Me Even and I'll Never Gamble Again - A Novel

Jerrold Fine

Journeys: An American Story - 72 Essays about Immigration and American Greatness

Andrew Tisch, Mary Skafidas

Lyndon - An Oral Biography

Merle Miller

Plain Speaking - An Oral Biography of Harry S Truman

Merle Miller

Ike the Soldier

Merle Miller

All Fall Down

James Leo Herlihy

Season of the Witch - A Novel

James Leo Herlihy

The Promise and the Dream - The Untold Story of Martin Luther King Jr and Robert F Kennedy

David Margolick

The Reader Over Your Shoulder - A Handbook for Writers of English Prose

Robert Graves, Alan Hodge


Sharon Sala

Depths of Destiny

Michael Phillips

Magic Time

W. P. Kinsella

The Iowa Baseball Confederacy

W. P. Kinsella

The Thrill of the Grass

W. P. Kinsella

The Dixon Cornbelt League and Other Baseball Stories

W. P. Kinsella

Hidden in Time

Michael Phillips

Rift in Time

Michael Phillips

Your Life's Purpose - Uncover What Really Fulfills You

Michael J. Losier

Zen in the Art of Writing

Ray Bradbury

Yestermorrow - Obvious Answers to Impossible Futures

Ray Bradbury

What Isn't History? - Selected Articles and Speeches on Writing History and Historical Fiction

Ian Mortimer

Two Sons of China - A Novel of the Second World War

Andrew Lam

Rescuing Faith - A Novel

Carol James

Missy's Murder - Passion Betrayal and Murder in Southern California

Karen Kingsbury

Quitting Church - Why the Faithful Are Fleeing

Julia Duin

The Snake and the Spider - Abduction and Murder in Daytona Beach

Karen Kingsbury

Visiting Hours

Rob Stennett

Sunshine Falls

Kyle David Torke

Beauty & the Bitch - Grace for the Worst in Me

Jan Meyers Proett