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The Misfit

Steven Poser

The Brave New World Collection - Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited

Aldous Huxley

Broke-Ass Women's Club

Sharon Sala

The Emergence of Charismatic Business Leadership

Richard S. Tedlow

I Gracie

Sharon Sala

The Garden at the Edge of Beyond

Michael Phillips

Richard Matheson Thrillers - I Am Legend Someone is Bleeding Ride the Nightmare Fury on Sunday

Richard Matheson

Ridley Pearson Suspense Novels - Probable Cause Blood of the Albatross Never Look Back

Ridley Pearson

The Royal Ambition Series - The Dreadful Debutante The Savage Marquess Miss Fiona's Fancy The Viscount's Revenge The Chocolate Debutante Lady Margery's Intrigue The Paper Princess

M. C. Beaton

Sharon Sala Thrillers - The Chosen Missing Sweet Baby The Perfect Lie

Sharon Sala

Ian McEwan Bestsellers - The Child in Time The Cement Garden The Comfort of Strangers

Ian McEwan

Margaret Truman Thrillers - Murder in the Supreme Court Murder on Embassy Row Murder at the FBI

Margaret Truman

AJ Cronin Bestsellers - The Citadel The Stars Look Down The Keys of the Kingdom

AJ Cronin

Karen Kingsbury True Crime Novels - Final Vows Deadly Pretender The Snake and the Spider Missy's Murder

Karen Kingsbury

William L Shirer: Twentieth Century Journey - The Start 1904–1930; The Nightmare Years 1930–1940; A Native's Return 1945–1988

William L. Shirer

Sharon Sala Suspense Stories - Butterfly Bloodlines Mimosa Grove

Sharon Sala

The Daring Debutantes Series - Henrietta Molly Penelope Lucy Annabelle Kitty Sally

M. C. Beaton

Edward Abbey Bestsellers - Fire on the Mountain The Monkey Wrench Gang Hayduke Lives!

Edward Abbey

The Waverly Women Series - The First Rebellion Silken Bonds The Love Match

M. C. Beaton

Richard Matheson Suspense Novels - The Shrinking Man Camp Pleasant Hunger & Thirst 7 Steps to Midnight

Richard Matheson

Walter Tevis Sci-Fi Novels - The Man Who Fell to Earth Mockingbird The Steps of the Sun

Walter Tevis

Mercy and Eagleflight - A Search for God's Love in a Lawless Land

Michael Phillips

The Book of Esports

William Collis

The Treasure of the Celtic Triangle: Wales

Michael Phillips

The Endearing Young Charms Series

M. C. Beaton, Marion Chesney

From Across the Ancient Waters: Wales

Michael Phillips

The Whippoorwill Trilogy

Sharon Sala

The Ladies In Love Series

M. C. Beaton, Marion Chesney

The Dukes and Desires Series

M. C. Beaton, Marion Chesney

The Love and Temptation Series

M. C. Beaton, Marion Chesney