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Publisher: Philosophical Library

Philosophical Library

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The Zen Collection - Zen Dictionary and Zen and Shinto

Ernest Wood, Chikao Fujisawa

Psychology Classics - Science and Philosophy The Psychology and Psychotherapy of Otto Rank and Dictionary of Hypnosis

Alfred North Whitehead, Fay B. Karpf, Ralph B. Winn

Zen Dictionary

Ernest Wood

Dictionary of Hypnosis

Ralph B. Winn

Dictionary of Magic

Harry E Wedeck

Schoenberg and His School

René Leibowitz

The Witchcraft Collection Volume Two - Dictionary of Mysticism Encyclopedia of Superstitions and Dictionary of Magic

Harry E Wedeck, Mona A. Radford, Edwin Radford, Frank Gaynor

The Witchcraft Collection Volume One - Dictionary of Satanism Dictionary of Witchcraft and Dictionary of Pagan Religions

Wade Baskin, Harry E Wedeck, Collin de Plancy

Shostakovich - The Man and His Work

Ivan Martynov

The Psychology and Psychotherapy of Otto Rank

Fay B. Karpf

The Legacy of Chopin

Jan Holcman

Dictionary of Satanism

Wade Baskin

Legend of a Musical City - The Story of Vienna

Max Graf

Dictionary of Witchcraft

Collin de Plancy

Dictionary of Pagan Religions

Wade Baskin, Harry E Wedeck

Zen and Shinto - A History of Japanese Philosophy

Chikao Fujisawa

The Essence of Faith - Philosophy of Religion

Albert Schweitzer

The Albert Einstein Collection Volume Two - Essays in Science Letters to Solovine and Letters on Wave Mechanics

Albert Einstein

Four Volumes on Christianity - The Essence of Faith Pilgrimage to Humanity The Quest of the Historical Jesus and The Light Within Us

Albert Schweitzer

Colleagues in Genius - Out of My Later Years Scientific Autobiography and Nuclear Physics

Albert Einstein, W. Heisenberg, Max Planck

Buddhism - The Wisdom of Buddha Hinduism and Buddhism and Buddhist Texts Through the Ages

Philosophical Library, Edward Conze, Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

Great Philosophers Volume Two - Science and Philosophy The Preservation of Youth and Understanding History

Bertrand Russell, Alfred North Whitehead, Moses Maimonides

Great Philosophers Volume One - The Road to Inner Freedom The Art of Philosophizing and Pilgrimage to Humanity

Baruch Spinoza, Bertrand Russell, Albert Schweitzer

Islamic Wisdom - The Wisdom of Muhammad and The Wisdom of the Koran

Philosophical Library

Chinese Thinkers Through the Ages - The Wisdom of Confucius The Wisdom of Mao and Classics in Chinese Philosophy

Philosophical Library

Jewish Wisdom - The Wisdom of the Kabbalah The Wisdom of the Talmud and The Wisdom of the Torah

Philosophical Library

Dictionary of American Folklore

Marjorie Tallman

Encyclopedia of Superstitions

Mona A. Radford, Edwin Radford

Dictionary of Mysticism

Frank Gaynor

The Philosophical Library Existentialism Collection - Hasidism Essays in Metaphysics and The Emotions

Jean-Paul Sartre, Martin Heidegger, Martin Buber