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Gangsters 'N Gurus - Every Saint Has A Past Every Sinner Has A Future

Nicolai Engelbrecht

Thrive State - Your Blueprint for Optimal Health Longevity and Peak Performance

MD Vuu

Love Avatar - Unleash Your Divine Feminine Superpowers and Awaken the Goddess Within

Lord Coltrane

The Root of Weight Gain - 7 Steps to Discovering a Healthier Well-Being

Daye Ambersley

The Secret Intelligence of Water - Macroscopic Evidence of Water Responding to Human Consciousness

Veda Austin

Breakup to Breakthrough - 10 Steps to a Spiritually Enlightened Life After Divorce

Lana Gajic

Be You On Video - Own Your Energy and Voice in Front of the Camera

Celeste Gehring

Storytelling as a Therapy Tool - Using Story to Heal Trauma and Abuse

Heidi Henyon

Know How to Help Your Loved One with Cancer - The Wholehearted Support Guide

Jelena Spasovski

New Hope for Sciatica - End Your Pain Now with Solutions Even Your Doctor Won't Tell You About

Dr. Duncan McCollum D.C.

Heal Your Neck Issues and Let Your Throat Chakra Shine - The Spiritual Guide to Moving Forward Pain-Free

Cheryl Stelte

Becoming BeautyBrave - The Bold Makeover That Will Change Your Life

Maria McCool

Live Well Beyond Breast Cancer - How to Get through Treatment and Back to a Life You Love

Birgitte C. Wilms

Put Cancer Behind You - The Spiritual Guide to True Healing and Fearlessly Manifesting a Healthy Future

Maria B. Barnes

Parenting for Success - The Art of Raising Happy Healthy Successful Adults

Carla Ureña Hutchinson PhD, Carlos Gerardo Ureña B. Eng

So You Want to Be A Superintendent - Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be

Donna Cozine

Evolved NLP - The Impact-Driven Coach's Guide to Amplified Revenue and Results

Laura Slinn, Kelley Oswin, Ernie Pavan

Get Back to Living - Navigating Through the Loss of Your Spouse

Allison Brown

The Menopause Reset - Get Rid of Your Symptoms and Feel Like Your Younger Self Again

Dr. Mindy Pelz

Heal Your Kids Heal Your Heart - The Mom's Guide to Thrive after Loss Trauma & Abuse

Natalie Pereman

Stop Your Toddler's Tantrums - The Mother's Guide to Finding Joy in Parenting

Susan Jungermann

Outsmart Endometriosis - Relieve Your Symptoms and Get Your Career Back on Track

Jessica Drummond

Effortless Enchantment - A Memoir of Magic Magnetism and Miracles

Karen Lorre

Find Your Beloved - Creating Delicious Companionship

Rosine Kushnick

Manifest that Miracle - Learn Why You Don't Have What You Want And How To Get It

Lana Shlafer

Diet Disruption - The Weight Loss Solution for the Chronic Serial Dieter

Jennifer Powter MSC

Love the Job Lose the Stress - Successful Social and Emotional Learning in the Modern Music Classroom

Lesley Moffat

10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks - Naturally Sexy Forever


From Borderline to Baseline - 9 Key Steps to Manage Your BPD and Start Loving Your Life

Julie Ann Ford

If I'm So Spiritual Why Am I Still So Anxious? - How to Find Your Center and Reclaim Your Joy

Joy Stone