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The German Soldier in World War II

Stephen Hart, Russell Hart

Hitler - The man behind the monster

Michael Kerrigan

Dark History of Russia

Michael Kerrigan

The Plantagenets - A history of England's bloodiest dynasty from Henry II to Richard III 1133-1485

Ben Hubbard

Mythical Monsters

Chris McNab, Gerrie McCall

How The Brain Works - Understanding Brain Function Thought and Personality

Professor Peter Abrahams

Dragons - Fearsome Monsters From Myth and Fiction

Gerrie McCall

Muscle Cars - High-Performance Machines

Craig Cheetham

Dark History of the Roman Emperors

Michael Kerrigan

Dark History of the Kings & Queens of England - 1066 to the Present Day

Brenda Ralph Lewis

The History of Torture

Brian Innes

The Gestapo - A History of Hitler's Secret Police 1933-45

Rupert Butler

Dark History of the Kings & Queens of Europe

Brenda Ralph Lewis

The Battle of Britain

Jon Lake

The Encyclopedia of the World's Special Forces

Mike Ryan, Chris Manno, Alexander Stilwell

The Sniper at War - From the American Revolutionary War to the Present Day

Mike Haskew

SS Hitler's Foreign Divisions - Foreign Volunteers in the Waffen-SS 1940-45

Chris Bishop

Stalingrad 1942-1943 - The Infernal Cauldron

Stephen Walsh

Dark History of the American Presidents

Michael Kerrigan

The World's Great Tanks - From 1916 to the Present Day

Roger Ford

Bodies of Evidence

Brian Innes

The Eastern Front

Stephen Walsh, Lloyd Clark, Duncan Anderson

Churchill - A History

Brenda Ralph Lewis

Dark History of the Popes

Brenda Ralph Lewis

Cats with Guns

Jonathan Parkyn

The Battle of the Bulge 1944 - Hitler's Last Hope

Robin Cross

Sporting Guns - Weapons Skills and Techniques for Competitive Shooting Sports

Martin J Dougherty

Sharks & Underwater Monsters

Paula Hammond

Monsters in the Night

Lisa Regan

Vampires Werewolves & Zombies

Lisa Regan