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ALPHABET - The Almighty Word Within

Christine Brydon

Imagining Mr Stevens - Approaches to Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day - nine essays on central aspects of Kazuo Ishiguro's masterpiece

Paul Maloney

The World of Art and Diaghilev's Painters

Vsevolod Petrov

Vasily Surikov

Vladimir Kemenov

Russian Impressionists and Post-Impressionists

Mikhail Guerman

James McNeill Whistler 1834-1863

Patrick Chaleyssin

The Whispers of the Muses - Artworks as Time Travelers

Vjeran Katunarić

REALTY - Beyond the Traditional Blueprints of Art & Gentrification

Tirdad Zolghadr

Why Art Criticism? A Reader

Julia Voss, Beate Söntgen

Rosa Barba - On the Anarchic Organization of Cinematic Spaces – Evoking Spaces beyond Cinema

Rosa Barba

Lucas Cranach the elder

Alexander Stepanov

Oedipus frivolity - The Metaphysics of Evil

Georgel Caldararu

SALZBURG - Into The City Into the Woods

Pia Clodi, Carl Tertio Druml

Rationalist Empiricism - A Theory of Speculative Critique

Nathan Brown

Orchestral Technique in action - Guidelines for playing in a historically informed orchestra aimed at student string players

Rachel Harris

Rubato: procesos musicales y una playlist personal

Paolo Bortolameolli

Tal Sterngast Twelve Paintings - Excursions in the Gemäldegalerie of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Michael Eissenhauer, Tal Sterngast

András Szántó The Future of the Museum - 28 Dialogues

András Szánto

BIG BLACK BUCKET BOYS BOOK - 25 years of desert and dust

Helge Lange

Chinese Paintings During The Song Dynasty - Famous Song Dynasty Paintings

Tom Geng

THE BOOK KARAMEL JUNKIE - coffee's a drug and everyone's a junkie


Donatien Grau Living Museums - Conversations with Leading Museum Directors

Donatien Grau

Günter Figal - Ando - Space Architecture Modernity

Günter Figal

Digital Art through the Looking Glass - New strategies for archiving collecting and preserving in digital humanities

Oliver Grau (Hg.)

Greek art

Klaus H. Carl, Elie Faure


Victoria Charles, G. Appolinaire


Victoria Charles

Egyptian art

Victoria Charles, Jean Capart, Elie Faure

Pastels for the Absolute Beginner

Rebecca de Mendonça

One Day in December - Wilfred Owen The Bombardment and Scarborough in the First World War

David Lewis, Len Friskney