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Superfoods Silkworms and Spandex - Science and Pseudoscience in Everyday Life

Dr. Joe Schwarcz

Ultimate Salesforce LWC Developers’ Handbook - Build Dynamic Experiences Custom User Interfaces and Interact with Salesforce data using Lightning Web Components (LWC) for Salesforce Cloud

Cihan Hizar

Touchpad Plus Ver 40 Class 4

Nidhi Gupta

The Future-Ready Brand - How the World's Most Influential CMOs are Navigating Societal Forces and Emerging Technologies

Mitch Duckler

Mosaic of Minds - Navigating the Coexistence of Artificial Intelligence and Humanity

Songyee Yoon

Ultimate Python Libraries for Data Analysis and Visualization - Leverage Pandas NumPy Matplotlib Seaborn Julius AI and No-Code Tools for Data Acquisition Visualization and Statistical Analysis

Abhinaba Banerjee

Ultimate Linux Network Security for Enterprises - Master Effective and Advanced Cybersecurity Techniques to Safeguard Linux Networks and Manage Enterprise-Level Network Services

Adarsh Kant

Ultimate Snowflake Architecture for Cloud Data Warehousing - Architect Manage Secure and Optimize Your Data Infrastructure Using Snowflake for Actionable Insights and Informed Decisions

Ganesh Bharathan

Ultimate Microservices with Go - Combine the Power of Microservices with Go to Build Highly Scalable Maintainable and Efficient Systems

Nir Shtein

Interactive Web Development with Threejs and A-Frame - Create Captivating Visualizations and Projects in Immersive Creative Technology for 3D WebAR and WebVR Using Threejs and A-Frame

Alessandro Straccia

Advanced Data Analytics with AWS - Explore Data Analysis Concepts in the Cloud to Gain Meaningful Insights and Build Robust Data Engineering Workflows Across Diverse Data Sources

Joseph Conley

Time is Now - A Journey Into Demystifying AI

Raj Verma

Security Challenges with Blockchain - Navigate Blockchain Security Challenges Unveil Vulnerabilities and Gain Practical Strategies for Secure Application Development

Chintan Dave

Mastering Large Language Models with Python - Unleash the Power of Advanced Natural Language Processing for Enterprise Innovation and Efficiency Using Large Language Models (LLMs) with Python

Raj R

Infrastructure Attack Strategies for Ethical Hacking - Unleash Advanced Techniques and Strategies to Safeguard Systems Networks and Critical Infrastructure in the Ethical Hacking Landscape

Himanshu Sharma

Ultimate Penetration Testing with Nmap - Master Cybersecurity Assessments for Network Security Monitoring and Scanning Using Nmap

Travis Deforge

Modern API Design with gRPC - Efficient Solutions to Design Modern APIs with gRPC Using Golang for Scalable Distributed Systems

Hitesh Pattanayak

Mastering Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with Python - Bridging Theory and Practice Through Insights Techniques and Tools for Effective Time Series Analysis in Python

Sulekha AloorRavi

Ultimate Rust for Systems Programming - Master Core Programming for Architecting Secure and Reliable Software Systems with Rust and WebAssembly

Mahmoud Harmouch

Ultimate Emberjs for Web App Development - Leverage Convention Over Configuration Paradigm to Develop Build and Deploy Complex Applications Using Emberjs

Aswin Murugesh K

Turning the Giant - Disrupting Your Industry with Persistent Innovation

John Berra

Ultimate Parallel and Distributed Computing with Julia For Data Science - Excel in Data Analysis Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning by leveraging MLBasejl and MLJjl to optimize workflows

Nabanita Dash

Ultimate Modern jQuery for Web App Development - Create Stunning Interactive Web Applications with Seamless DOM Manipulation Animation and AJAX Integration of jQuery and JavaScript

Laurence Svekis

Ultimate Selenium WebDriver for Test Automation - Build and Implement Automated Web Testing Frameworks Using Java Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid for E-Commerce Healthcare EdTech Banking and SAAS

Robin Gupta

Ultimate Cyberwarfare for Evasive Cyber Tactics - Unravel the Techniques of Cyberwarfare Hacktivism and Asymmetric Conflicts for Tactical Excellence with Real-world Use Cases and Strategic Insights

Chang Tan

Ultimate Nuxtjs for Full-Stack Web Applications - Build Production-Grade Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Static-Site Generated (SSG) Vuejs Applications Using Nuxtjs Nodejs and Composition API

Lau Kok

Tradition Meets Transformation - Leadership Strategies to Revitalize Manufacturing

Laurie Harbour, Scott Walton

Ultimate Django for Web App Development Using Python - Build Modern Reliable and Scalable Production-Grade Web Applications with Django and Python

Leonardo Lazzaro

The Giant's Ladder - The Science Professional's Blueprint for Marketing Success

Elizabeth Chabe

One-Click to Give - Future Proof Your Fundraising with Social Media

Jeremy Berman, Nick Black