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Political science & theory

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Zero-Sum Victory - What We're Getting Wrong About War

Christopher D. Kolenda

Who Killed Shastri? - The Tashkent Files

Vivek Agnihotri

The New Meatways and Sustainability - Discourses and Social Practices

Minna Kanerva

Biopolitics and Historic Justice - Coming to Terms with the Injuries of Normality

Kathrin Braun

Food Security and International Relations - Critical Perspectives From the Global South

Thiago Lima, Agostina Costantino

Wonked! - India in Search of an Economic Ideology

Vivan Sharan

Scottish Home Rule - The Answer to Scotland's Constitutional Question

Ben Thomson

My Country 'Tis of Thee - Reporting Sallies and Other Confessions

David Harris

Allahu Akbar - Understanding the Great Mughal in Today's India

Manimugdha Sharma

Towards a Political Economy of Ukraine - Selected Essays 1990–2015

Marko Bojcun

Inventing America's First Immigration Crisis - Political Nativism in the Antebellum West

Luke Ritter

The Roman Imperial Succession

John D. Grainger

Geopolitical Imagination - Ideology and Utopia in Post-Soviet Russia

Mikhail Suslov


Thomas Hobbes

Nation Building in Contested States - Comparative Insights from Kosovo Transnistria and Northern Cyprus

Viktoria Potapkina

The Long Deep Grudge - A Story of Big Capital Radical Labor and Class War in the American Heartland

Toni Gilpin

How Armies Grow - The Expansion of Military Forces in the Age of Total War 1789–1945

Matthias Strohn

The Madness of Crowds - Gender Race and Identity

Douglas Murray

Progress Vs Parasites - A Brief History of the Conflict that's Shaped our World

Douglas Carswell

Russian Voices on Post-Crimea Russia - An Almanac of Counterpoint Essays from 2015–2018

Maria Lipmann

Extremism and Violent Extremism in Serbia - 21st Century Manifestations of an Historical Challenge

Valery Perry

The EU’s Impact on Identity Formation in East-Central Europe between 2004 and 2013 - Perceptions of the Nation and Europe in Political Parties of the Czech Republic Poland and Slovakia

Michal Vit

Zionism and Melancholy - The Short Life of Israel Zarchi

Nitzan Lebovic

The United Kingdom - The Unification & Disintegration of Britain Since AD 43

John D. Grainger

Where We Are - The State of Britain Now

Roger Scruton

Ethnic Entrepreneurs Unmasked - Political Institutions and Ethnic Conflicts in Contemporary Bulgaria

Petar Cholakov

Generation Stalin - French Writers the Fatherland and the Cult of Personality

Andrew Sobanet

Russia the EU and the Eastern Partnership - Building Bridges or Digging Trenches?

Vasile Rotaru

A Nation Unmade by War

Tom Engelhardt

Russia Reconsidered - Putin Power and Pragmatism

Matthew Crosston