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Slow Cooker Desserts - Hot Easy and Delicious Custards Cobblers Souffles Pies Cakes and More - cover

Slow Cooker Desserts - Hot Easy and Delicious Custards Cobblers Souffles Pies Cakes and More

Jonnie Downing

Publisher: Ulysses Press

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Enjoy no-fuss, hot and scrumptious desserts with this collection of slow cooker recipes by the author of Holiday Slow Cooker. 
Discover the hassle-free way to have the most delicious desserts. All you have to do is toss the ingredients in your slow cooker and let them cook while you enjoy a relaxing dinner. When it’s time for dessert, you’ll have a piping hot treat ready to serve your family—just don’t forget to top it off with a scoop of ice cream! 
Slow Cooker Desserts has everything from puddings and crisps, to brownies, cakes, and much more—including: 
•Super-simple slow cooker cheesecake 
•Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing 
•Peach Cobbler 
•Bananas Foster 
•Bourbon Custard with Nutmeg 
•Sticky Toffee Pudding 
•Coconut Rice Pudding 
•Rich Bread Pudding with Candied Cherries 
•Macaroon Brownie Bars 
•Apple Cranberry Compote 
•Raspberry Chocolate Casserole 
•Luscious Lemon Cake 
•Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bars 
•Brownie Pudding Cake
Available since: 02/05/2013.
Print length: 137 pages.

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    “[American Tacos] offers plenty of recommendations on where to get great tacos…But it offers much more than that.” ?Chicago Tribune 
    “A fast-paced cultural survey and travel guide . . . An exceptional book.” ?TASTE 
    “Fabulous.” ?San Francisco Chronicle
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    The Dorset Inn, an extraordinarily romantic special-occasion restaurant, is a destination for those who go through southern Vermont to ski and sightsee. People honeymoon here, have anniversary meals here, and come to the Dorset Inn to get away from it all. It’s a place rich with historical association with the very beginnings of America and American cooking. It was on the Dorset Village Green that the Green Mountain Boys prepared for battle in the Revolutionary War, and just down the road is Arlington, where Norman Rockwell created his most beloved paintings. 
    Elegant Comfort Food from the Dorset Inn not only celebrates the history of the inn and the spirit of America found in New England—it also is a practical cookbook containing recipes founded on a tradition of hearty portions, clarity of flavors, and transformation of leftovers into glorious meals, but refined and elevated. Cooks can turn to it for ideas for Sunday dinners, company’s-coming meals, candlelight suppers, and leisurely family breakfasts on a weekend morning.  
    Elegant Comfort Food from the Dorset Inn is part of Jane and Michael Stern’s Roadfood cookbook series, which celebrates the finest regional restaurants in the United States. 
    Includes photos.
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    For the first time in history, cheating is actually a good thing. 
    People have been trying to crack the weight loss formula for decades and now, finally, you have the fruits of those efforts easily accessible to you. For a very long time, weight loss programs have been touted as rigorous, difficult routines. Something that breaks a lot of people before it builds them. 
    We’ve always been told that weight loss can only happen under these circumstances and you have to do things in a particular way or else nothing will work.Some of that is true, but most, as it turns out, is just hogwash. 
    Fat Loss for Women and Men - Burn Fat and Lose Weight Permanently, is the world’s first secret code to losing weight and rapidly burning fat. James Moore quickly and tactically exposes weight loss myths so that you know what really works from what doesn’t. Once the myths are dispelled, you’re introduced to tips, tricks, and proven formulas that help with rapid and permanent weight loss.Inside this book you’ll discover secrets such as;How to lose nearly 9 pounds in 3 daysGetting in the right mindset for maximum returnsOutlining the best program for weight lossHow to amplify weight loss results in just 48 hoursThe best tips that truly helpAnd the "few minutes - top effective" workout routine 
    Typically, people want to lose weight, so they can improve their health, make themselves more attractive, or enhance their daily lives. 
    Fat Loss for Women and Men - Burn Fat and Lose Weight Permanently is the best resource to learn how to truly hack fat loss, burn fat, and lose weight for good. Backed by peer-reviewed scientific data, this cheat code is based on numerous studies and research done worldwide.
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  • Ketogenic Diet Recipes - cover

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    This book is a practical how-to guide for getting started on the ketogenic diet. It explains what it is, the basics of how it works, who it can help, what to eat, and what to expect as you begin. It includes a detailed explanation of which foods are included, and 23 recipes to get you started. It also includes an additional resources section, with websites and organizations that provide information about the ketogenic diet, eating plans and recipes, connections to doctors and nutritionists, and more. 
    About the Expert 
    Evelyn Reilly is a freelance writer focused on food, health, culture, and religion. She has written several other books on the ketogenic diet, as well as books on the relationship between grains and brain function, the history of food in the Bible, and medicinal herbs. She has a degree in Food Systems from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Evelyn is based in Tangier, Morocco. 
    HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.
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