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Plant Based Diet 2022 Cookbook - The Beginners Guide to Healthy and Permanent Weight Loss with Quick and Easy Recipes - cover

Plant Based Diet 2022 Cookbook - The Beginners Guide to Healthy and Permanent Weight Loss with Quick and Easy Recipes

Elliot Mildred M.

Publisher: Mildred M. Elliott

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In the beginning, people who are new to plant-based eating often wonder, where will I get my protein from now?" How will I go about it? It comes from plants. Plants are great sources of protein, and it is possible to get all of your daily protein needs from plants.

Mildred M. Elliot, an expert, has written a book called Plant-Based Diet 2022 Cookbook. In this book, He breaks down which plants have the most protein, shows you how to make complete protein meals, and shows you how to use a variety of high-protein whole-food plants in everyday recipes. As well as other health benefits, like not having to take medicine.
Complete Recipes on Plant-Based Diet for Beginners features:

	Dessert for breakfast
	Sweet potatoes
	Salad with Apples, Figs, and Arugula
	Salad with potatoes and green beans
	Green Salad
	Summer Salad of Corn and Millet with Creamy Chickpea Sauce 
	Sauce de chickpeas
	Salad of Lebanese Beans
	Plant-Based Oatmeal Muffins Recipe
	Blueberry Lemon French toast Based Diet
	Oatmeal with a Chewy Texture Pancakes Vegan and Gluten-Free
	Pancakes de Chickpeas Savory plant-based soups & stews  
	Soup with asian vegetables
	Soup with lime and mango peanuts
	Soup of red cabbage and caraway seeds
	Red cabbage's benefits
	Noodle soup with vegetable "chicken" and soy curls and chickpeas
	Soup with white beans, garlic, mushrooms, and farro
	Bisque de tomato et pepper roasted

This book comes with grocery lists and step-by-step instructions on how to make your weeks of meal planning easy. This way, you don't have to worry about what to eat.
Available since: 03/25/2022.

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  • Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners - Start a Tasty Fast Track of Recipes between Crispy & Simple Delicacies Forgetting the Time Wasted Reheating Sad & Mushy Foods in the Microwave Oven or Frying with Oils that Make You Heavy | Cerberus Method - cover

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    Sarah Roslin

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    It's time to say no more to sad mushy dishes, thanks to your air fryer and the astonishing recipes and tips you're about to discover!
    Your new shiny tool is probably already helping a lot in the kitchen by saving your time and energy but, most importantly, preserving your health. Right?
    But how many times have you found yourself not knowing what recipes to try that are quick and satisfy your taste buds more and more each time?
    With the help of this recipe book, you will no longer have any doubts and fill your table with flavor and joy.
    But that's not all! Thanks to the exclusive Cerberus method, you will be able to learn unique cooking techniques and tricks to make each of your dishes unforgettable!
    Just as Cerberus enjoyed eating his favorite foods, you'll be able to do it again (but without feeling guilty).
    Here's a taste of what you'll find inside:
    • Tasty but Fat-free – Dozens of simple, affordable, and quick recipes that contain healthy, easy-to-find ingredients to cook delicious meals with up to 80% fewer calories!
    • Great variety of meals – Try our meat, fish, vegetarian, and vegan recipes, not to mention tasty, guilt-free snacks and desserts. You'll be able to surprise your friends and family every day.
    • Nutritional Values in Every Recipe – Whether you want to follow a new, healthy lifestyle or you're on a diet, you'll know what you're eating: just read the specifics about calories, fats, and nutrients to ensure you stay on the right track!
    • Enough of sad, mushy food – Discover tips & tricks that will have you using your Air Fryer like a true expert: from cooking times and temperatures for each dish to how to clean it and tips for getting delicious, crispy meals every time you use it.
    • Meal Plan – Let's face it: thinking about what to cook is exhausting, and if you add in the worry of falling back into bad habits, it's the perfect recipe for disaster! But don't worry: with our meal plan, you won't have to think about anything; it's all already organized for you.
    The time for sad meals is now over!
    Click "Buy Now" and cook like a pro!
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  • Simple Sweets: A Classic Homemade Sweets Pocket Recipe Book Third Edition - Learn How to Make All The Best Homemade Traditional Classic and Retro Sweets With These Sweet & Simple Recipes! - cover

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    Simple Sweets: A Classic Homemade Sweets Pocket Recipe Book Third Edition ★
    Learn How to Make All The Best Homemade, Traditional, Classic and Retro Sweets With These Sweet & Simple Recipes! ♥
    Quick and simple tried and trusted recipes, with clear and concise instructions to allthe most well loved classic, traditional and retro sweets, toffees and homemade candy confectionery treats, together with suggestions for making your own creative varieties.
    Collected in a small, practical, handy, pocket sized cookbook, for you and your family, or to give as a sweet, nostalgic, sentimental, thoughtful gift to a beloved home cook.
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