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Martina Pace

What place is this

Giuseppe Li Santi

Children Trees Emotions

Marina Alberta Davo

Ideas that move - meglio far girare le idee che spostare cose e persone

Valentina Bontempi

Ukulele Fingerstyle

Dario Bellaveglia

EOIGENA - The story of a Hapax

Antonio Quartuccio

Light goes shopping

Elisabetta Zaccaria

Corleone When dreams were born in Piazza Soprana

Vincenzo Ruffino

It's time to be happy!

Alberto Lirio Cannata

Fianona-Plomin: Story of a country and a family

Guido Cavallo

Woman as a Record Breaker

Brenda Godwin

The story of the little bird and the baby lemur who saved their forest!

Carine Matthijs

The ultimate ketogenic dietand cookbook with illustrations!

A. Milia

The Factory of Death - Original Short Stories

Craig Harrigan

Dream Killer

Craig Harrigan

Giorgio Sebregondi: early contributions and seminal ideas for development studies

Enzo Caputo

Lives Ripped in Italy from the 1970s to the present

Antonella Betti

Data Analytics And Knowledge Management

International Management School

Fragments of Infinity

Vito Iacono

Do You See? We play to get out of visual inattention

Anna De Santo

Think Segment Brand Market and Success

International Management School

Help Your Students to Speak English Like a Pro

Alex Simonini

The miller

Valeria Valcavi Ossoinack

A short guide to Tango and Cookery

Lucienne Delamarque

SIROLOVE Short poems collection

Loris Giacchi

Future Visions: One Hundred Years of Culture and Society Through the Lens of Science Fiction Cinema

Ivan Litvinenko

Don't forget to take out the garlic

Massimiliano Serpe

The virus that came from afar

Cinzia Adorni

The reproduction of seed roses

Enrico Indolfi

Born for surviving

Peter Walkers