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Publisher: Soho Press

Soho Press

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Lisa Brackmann


Steve Toutonghi

Now It's Time to Say Goodbye

Dale Peck

Death Ex Machina

Gary Corby

Black August

Timothy Williams

Making History - A Novel

Stephen Fry

Persona Non Grata

Timothy Williams

Bomb - The Author Interviews

Magazine Bomb

Converging Parallels

Timothy Williams

The Iron Sickle

Martin Limón

Sacred Games

Gary Corby

Man in the Empty Suit

Sean Ferrell

Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See - A Novel

Juliann Garey

Zombie - A Novel

J.R. Angelella

Moab Is My Washpot - A Memoir

Stephen Fry

Crown of Dust - A Novel

Mary Volmer

The Caterpillar Cop

James McClure

Rock Paper Tiger

Lisa Brackmann

Random Violence

Jassy Mackenzie

GI Bones

Martin Limón

How to Rob an Armored Car - A Novel

Iain Levison

The Gun Seller - A Novel

Hugh Laurie

Kiyo's Story - A Japanese-American Family's Quest for the American Dream

Kiyo Sato

Year of the Dog

Henry Chang

Hurting Distance - A Novel

Sophie Hannah

How Evan Broke His Head - And Other Secrets: A Novel

Garth Stein

Chinatown Beat

Henry Chang

Death in Springtime

Magdalen Nabb

Since the Layoffs - A Novel

Iain Levison

Come Closer

Sara Gran