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Publisher: Seaforth Publishing

Seaforth Publishing

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Ships of the Royal Navy - The Complete Record of all Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy from the 15th Century to the Present

Ben Warlow, J J Colledge

The Trafalgar Chronicle - Dedicated to Naval History in the Nelson Era

Sean Heuvel

Taranto - And Naval Air Warfare in the Mediterranean 1940–1945

David Hobbs

Tribals Battles & Darings - The Genesis of the Modern Destroyer

Alexander Clarke

British Naval Intelligence through the Twentieth Century

Andrew Boyd

Total Undersea War - The Evolutionary Role of the Snorkel in Dönitz's U-Boat Fleet 1944–1945

Aaron S. Hamilton

V & W Destroyers - A Developmental History

John Henshaw

The Russian Baltic Fleet in the Time of War and Revolution 1914–1918 - The Recollections of Admiral S N Timiryov

Stephen C. Ellis

The Modern Cruiser - The Evolution of the Ships that Fought the Second World War

Robert C. Stern

Sovereign of the Seas 1637 - A Reconstruction of the Most Powerful Warship of Its Day

John McKay

French Armoured Cruisers 1887–1932

John Jordan, Philippe Caresse

The Trafalgar Chronicle: New Series 4 - Dedicated to Naval History in the Nelson Era

Peter Hore

Seaforth World Naval Review 2020

Conrad Waters

The Dawn of Carrier Strike - The World of Lieutenant W P Lucy DSO RN

David Hobbs

Southern Thunder - The Royal Navy and the Scandinavian Trade in World War One

Steve R Dunn

Battlecruiser Repulse - Detailed in Original Builders' Plans

Jon Roberts

British Submarines in Two World Wars

Norman Friedman

The Last British Battleship - HMS Vanguard 1946–1960

R.A. Burt

Large Scale Warship Models - From Kits to Scratch Building

Kerry Jang

The Last Days of the High Seas Fleet - From Mutiny to Scapa Flow

Nicholas C. Jellicoe

The Last Cruise of a German Raider - The Destruction of SMS Emden

Wes Olson

HMS Gannet - Ship & Model

William Mowll

Ocean Liners - An Illustrated History

Peter Newall

Seaforth World Naval Review 2018

Conrad Waters

French Warships in the Age of Sail 1626–1786 - Design Construction Careers and Fates

Rif Winfield, Stephen S Roberts

The Royal Navy's Air Service in the Great War

David Hobbs

The Naval War in the Baltic 1939–1945

Poul Grooss

Wooden Warship Construction - A History in Ship Models

Brian Lavery

The Royal Navy in Eastern Waters - Linchpin of Victory 1935–1942

Andrew Boyd

The Dutch in the Medway

P. G. Rogers