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Struggle and Suffrage in Watford - Women's Lives and the Fight for Equality

Eugenia Russell, Quentin Russell

Heroes of the RNLI - The Storm Warriors

Martyn R. Beardsley

Willow Working

Lynn Huggins-Cooper

Jane Austen's Best Friend - The Life and Influence of Martha Lloyd

Zöe Wheddon

A History of the Dukes of Bolton 1600–1815 - Love Loyalty

Joanne Major, Sarah Murden

A History of the Undead - Mummies Vampires and Zombies

Charlotte Booth

Sister Sleuths - Female Detectives in Britain

Nell Darby

Prime Ministers of the 20th Century

Mark Dunton

John Keats - Poetry Life & Landscapes

Suzie Grogan

Mary Queen of Scots' Secretary - William Maitland—Politician Reformer and Conspirator

Robert Stedall

Women of the Third Reich - From Camp Guards to Combatants

Tim Heath

The Adventures of a Victorian Con Woman - The Life and Crimes of Mrs Gordon Baillie

David Lassman, Mick Davis

Seeking Sanctuary - A History of Refugees in Britain

Jane Marchese Robinson

The Rise and Fall of a Medieval Family - The Despensers

Kathryn Warner

The NHS - The Story So Far

Ellen Welch

Murder During the Hundred Year War - The Curious Case of Sir William Cantilupe

Melissa Julian-Jones

Royal Seals - Images of Power and Majesty

Paul Dryburgh

Struggle and Suffrage in Morpeth & Northumberland - Women's Lives and the Fight for Equality

Craig Armstrong

The Life of Richard Cadbury - Socialist Philanthropist & Chocolatier

Diane Wordsworth

The Forgotten Slave Trade - The White European Slaves of Islam

Simon Webb

The Elder Sons of George III - Kings Princes and a Grand Old Duke

Catherine Curzon

Richard III in the North

M. J. Trow

Greek Mythology - Gods and Heroes Brought to Life

Robert Garland

Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia - Brother & Sister of History's Most Vilified Family

Samantha Morris

Sex and Sexuality in Georgian Britain

Mike Rendell

How to Survive in Ancient Rome

L J Trafford

Climate Change: An Archaeological Study - How Our Prehistoric Ancestors Responded to Global Warming

John D. Grainger

Burying the Dead - An Archaeological History of Burial Grounds Graveyards & Cemeteries

Lorraine Evans

A Century of Female Revolution - From Peterloo to Parliament

Glynis Cooper

Charles I's Executioners - Civil War Regicide & the Republic

James Hobson