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Publisher: Parkstone International

Parkstone International

Parkstone International is an international publishing house specializing in art books, published in 23 languages and distributed worldwide. In addition to printed material, Parkstone has started distributing its titles in digital format through e-book platforms all over the world as well as through applications for iOS and Android. Parkstone International titles include a large range of subjects such as: Religion in Art, Architecture, Asian Art, Fine Arts, Erotic Art, Famous Artists, Fashion, Photography, Art Movements, Art for Children, etc.

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Rosa Bonheur An Unconventional Path

Vicky Charles

Street Art Evolution 1970-1990

Cornelia Carl, Cie Carl

Jean-Antoine Watteau

Youri Zolotov

The Lady and The Unicorn

Sutherland Lyall

The Peoples of the Great North Art and Civilisation of Siberia

Valentina Gorbatcheva, Marina Federova

Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Edmond Goncourt, Jules Goncourt, Maggiorino Di Calosso

Piet Mondrian and artworks

Stéphanie Angoh

The Art of Cigar Band

Philippe Mesmer

The Ukrainian Icon 11th - 18th centuries (From Byzantine origins to the baroque)

Liudmila Miliayeva

Albert Marquet The Paradox of Time

Mikhaïl Guerman

Caspar David Friedrich Master of the tragic landscape (5 September 1774 – 7 May 1840)

Victoria Charles

Albrecht Dürer 1471-1528

Victoria Charles

Aubrey Beardsley

Patrick Bade

Felicien Rops

Patrick Bade

Auguste Renoir

Patrick Bade

Impressionism 120 illustrations

Nathalia Brodskaya

The Russian painters of water 1750-1950

Sutherland Lyall

Mikhail Vrubel The Artist of the Eves

Mikhaïl Guerman

The World of Art and Diaghilev's Painters

Vsevolod Petrov

Russian Impressionists and Post-Impressionists

Mikhaïl Guerman

The Art of Pleasure

Hans-Jürgen Döpp

Nicolas Poussin The Master of Colours

Youri Zolotov

Vasily Surikov

Vladimir Kemenov

James McNeill Whistler 1834-1863

Patrick Chaleyssin

Paul Cézanne

Élie Faure

The great history of Russian ballet

Evdokia Belova, E. Bocharnikova

Lucas Cranach the elder

Alexander Stepanov

Nicholas Roerich East & West

Kenneth Archer

The erotic museum of Berlin

Hans-Jürgen Döpp

The temple of venus

Hans-Jürgen Döpp