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The Frozen Planet

Keith Laumer

Pee-wee Harris: Fixer - (Illustrated Edition)

Percy Keese Fitzhugh

Diamonds - (Illustrated Edition)

William Crookes

The Valley of Squinting Windows

Brinsley MacNamara

Charles W Quantrell A True Report of his Guerrilla Warfare on the Missouri and Kansas Border During the Civil Was of 1861 to 1865 - (Illustrated Edition)

Harrison Trow

Cherry & Violet A Tale of the Great Plague - (Illustrated Edition)

Anne Manning

Cinderella Story

Allen Kim Lang

Neddie and Beckie Stubtail (Two Nice Bears) Bedtime Stories - (Illustrated Edition)

Howard Roger Garis

The Standard Manual for Baptist Churches

Edward Thurston Hiscox

In Our Time

Ernest Hemingway

Call Him Nemesis

Donald E. Westlake

The Norwich Road An East Anglian Highway - (Illustrated by the author and from old-time prints and pictures)

Charles G. Harper

Nat the Navigator A Life of Nathaniel Bowditch For Young Persons

Henry Ingersoll Bowditch

Roy Blakeley's Tangled Trail - (Illustrated Edition)

Percy Keese Fitzhugh

The Yellow Flag Volume 1 (of 3) A Novel

Edmund Yates

Tiger Lily and Other Stories

Julia Thompson von Stosch Schayer

The Constitutional Amendment: or The Sunday the Sabbath the Change and Restitution A discussion between W H Littlejohn Seventh-day Adventist and the editor of the Christian Statesman

Wolcott H. Littlejohn

Chains and Freedom or The Life and Adventures of Peter Wheeler a Colored Man Yet Living

Charles Edwards Lester

The King of Elfland's Daughter

Lord Dunsany

On Everything

Hilaire Belloc

The Inner Life

Rufus M. Jones

Snythergen - (Illustrated Edition)

Hal Garrott


Charles V. De Vet

Spawning Ground

Lester del Rey

Tolliver's Orbit

H.B. Fyfe

The Flying Tuskers of K'niik-K'naak

Jack Sharkey

Chap-Books and Folk-Lore Tracts (Vol III)

Various Various

Og—Son of Fire - (Illustrated Edition)

Irving Crump

The Great Revival of the Eighteenth Century: with a supplemental chapter on the revival in America - (Illustrated Edition)

Edwin Paxton Hood

Negroes and Negro "Slavery:" the first an inferior race: the latter its normal condition

J. H. Van Evrie