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Publisher: Capstone Press

Capstone Press

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Lisa Amstutz

The Science Behind Wonders of the Sun - Sun Dogs Lunar Eclipses and Green Flash

Suzanne Garbe


Jason Kirchner

Using Models and Math in Science

Riley Flynn

First Source to Football - Rules Equipment and Key Playing Tips

Tyler Omoth


Christine Juarez

Chihuahuas Pomeranians and Other Toy Dogs

Tammy Gagne

Families - Revised Edition

Sarah Schuette


Mary R. Dunn


Daniel Nunn

South Dakota

Bridget Parker

Games Around the World

Clare Lewis

Recreational Drones

Matt Chandler

Community Helpers at the Hospital

Mari Schuh

US Marine Raider Missions - A Timeline

Lisa Simons

Show Me Polar Animals - My First Picture Encyclopedia

Lisa Amstutz

Engineering a Totally Rad Skateboard with Max Axiom Super Scientist

Tammy Enz

Infestation! - Roaches Bedbugs Ants and Other Insect Invaders

Sharon Reith

Christmas in the Philippines

Cheryl Enderlein


Daniel Nunn

Secrets of the American Revolution

Tyler Omoth

The World's Longest Snake and Other Animal Records

Martha Rustad

Cell Phone Safety

Kathy Allen

Top Basketball Tips

Rebecca Rissman

Secrets of the US Civil War

Linda LeBoutillier


Nikki Clapper

How Food Gets from Farms to Store Shelves

Erika Shores

Police to the Rescue Around the World

Linda Staniford

The Case of the Stolen Space Suit

Steve Brezenoff

Space Stations

Martha Rustad