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Forgiveness Work - Mercy Law and Victims' Rights in Iran

Arzoo Osanloo

The New Jim Crow - Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Michelle Alexander

Leader - What To Do Now? - Successful Team Leadership Employee Motivation & Human Resource Management Use Leadership Techniques & Leadership Styles Gain Respect as a new Boss

Simone Janson


Albert Woodfox

White Rage - The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide

Carol Anderson

Tainted Witness - Why We Doubt What Women Say About Their Lives

Leigh Gilmore

Small Talk - Learn quickly & effectively better Networking through Communication - Convince opinion boosters use psychology rhetoric charisma appearance effect to inspire people

Simone Janson

The Perilous Public Square - Structural Threats to Free Expression Today

David E. Pozen

The Case of Literature - Forensic Narratives from Goethe to Kafka

Arne Höcker

The Other Side of Empire - Just War in the Mediterranean and the Rise of Early Modern Spain

Andrew W. Devereux

Become Visible with Respect - Inspire & convince people self-confidently self-branding public relations & marketing rhetoric charisma & communication for more success in business

Simone Janson

We work Together - Team psychology development leadership motivation & communication unite differences & opinions successfully argue discuss solve conflicts achieve common goals

Simone Janson

Arguing Solve & Avoide Conflicts - Mediation conflict management non-violent communication no fear of disputes & discussions understand & accept different opinions in the team

Simone Janson

Door Opener - Use small talk communication networking targeted to success find opinion leaders get exactly the right contacts convince & persuade people with rhetoric & charisma

Simone Janson

Organize well Live Minimalism - Set priorities & perfect order arrange properly less is more make the right decisions master continuous stress & time traps with time management

Simone Janson

Coming Out of the Magnolia Closet - Same-Sex Couples in Mississippi

John F. Marszalek III

Leading without Hierarchy - the End of a Success Story - Networked teams & agile leadership role psychology & no fear of change management new authority & relevance for executives

Simone Janson

Shortlisted - Women in the Shadows of the Supreme Court

Hannah Brenner Johnson, Renee Knake Jefferson

Work Together in a Network - Use successfully swarm intelligence in project management set team spirit & motivation in flexible organizations achieve goals through good leadership

Simone Janson

Plan & Increase Productivity - Work efficiently despite digital information overload master permanent stress manage time traps priorities & schedules make the right desicions

Simone Janson

On Account of Race - The Supreme Court White Supremacy and the Ravaging of African American Voting Rights

Lawrence Goldstone

Fun with Leadership Motivation & Change Management - Leading style in the VUCA world agile teamleading & employee motivation Learn responsibilities as an executive without fear

Simone Janson

Global Not for Profit Organization

B D Chatterjee

How the Suburbs Were Segregated - Developers and the Business of Exclusionary Housing 1890–1960

Paige Glotzer

How China's Communist Party Made the World Sick

Bill Gertz

Be a rock star! Rhetoric that Impresses - Convince people with your enthusiasm make really good speeches lectures presentations moderations speak freely with persuasion & charisma

Simone Janson

Better Leading Encouraging Coaching - Become a boss but remain human inspire & increase motivation leadership & organizational development change management for more sucess

Simone Janson

Leading in the Sandwich Position - Suffering in middle management from permanent stress to depression communicate decisions set limits in risis learn to delegate for managers

Simone Janson

Become an Influencer - Get noticed & visible through online communication & social media more impact in self-marketing public relations & positioning inspire people with charisma

Simone Janson

India Emerging - From Policy Paralysis to Hyper Economics

Sandip Sen, Aarohi Sen