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Earth Meadow

Sara Llewelyn

Vectors - Heroes Villains and Heartbreak on the Bridge of the US Navy

Thomas B. Modly

Ring of Fire - High-Stakes Mining in a Lowlands Wilderness

Virginia Heffernan

Women of Scotland

Helen Susan Swift

Lord Miles in Afghanistan

Lord Miles Routledge

A Stone for the Journey

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

100 true stories of unusual deaths

John Mac, Sandrine Brugot, Marion Ambrosino, Luc Tailleur

Quiet Night Think - Poems & Essays

Gillian Sze

Poetry And Imagination

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wilful Blindness - How a network of narcos tycoons and CCP agents infiltrated the West

Sam Cooper

Sex and Sexuality in Georgian Britain

Mike Rendell

The Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels

The History of Gibbeting - Britain's Most Brutal Punishment

Samantha Priestley

A Date with the Hangman - A History of Capital Punishment in Britain

Gary Dobbs

Plato's Metaphysics of Soul - Reflexions on the Actuality of Ancient Greek Philosophy

Christoph Quarch

Elemental Discourses

John Sallis

Aliens Myths and Mysteries

Phil G

Proof: Does God Exist?

Philip Gardiner

The American Regime

An Anonymous January 6th Prisoner

Mexican Sorcery - A Practical Guide to Brujeria de Rancho

Laura Davila

It hapenned to my son: a story about overcoming self-injury and suicide


Relationship Anarchy - Occupy Intimacy!

Juan-Carlos Pérez-Cortés

The Plot Against Humanity

Scott Howard

An Outline of Philosophy

Bertrand Russell

Shankara on the Absolute - Shankara Source Book Volume One

Shri Shankara

The Prince (Hero Classics)

Niccolo Machiavelli

C G Jung and the Scientific Attitude

Edmund D. Cohen

Evolution Is Wrong - A Radical Approach to the Origin and Transformation of Life

Erich von Däniken

Global Authoritarianism - Perspectives and Contestations from the South

International Research Group on Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies

Who Has Buried the Dead? - From Stalin to Putin … The last great secret of World War Two

KGE Konkel